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What does the abbreviation for mean?

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What are the translations for for?

Afrikaans words for For

per, vir.

Arabic word for For


Chinese words for For

用于, 对于, 来讲.

Czech words for For

za, á.

Danish word for For


Dutch words for For

voor, over, bij, naar, sinds, gedurende, ten gunste van, in de plaats van, in ruil voor, ten behoeve van.

French words for For

pour, sur, depuis, dé, car, en l'honneur de, à destination de.

German words for For

wegen, seit, auf, bei, pro, Pendant, namens, aus, zum, OP.

Japanese words for For

としては, にとって, に取って, 対して, たいして, としちゃ, としちゃあ, ・・・のために.

Javanese word for For


Korean word for For

...을 위하여.

Malay word for For


Marathi word for For

च्या साठी.

Norwegian word for For


Polish words for For

do, dla, w zamian za.

Portuguese words for For

por, para.

Romanian word for For


Spanish words for For

durante, hacia, con destino a.

Ukrainian word for For


Vietnamese word for For