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How To Spell foreclose?

Correct spelling: foreclose

Definition of foreclose:

  1. subject to foreclosing procedures; take away the right of mortgagors to redeem their mortgage

List of misspellings for foreclose:

  • forcloseure,
  • foreclsoed,
  • floreclosure,
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  • firecplace,
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Rhymes for foreclose:

  1. o's, prose, toes, rose, jos, cose, beaus, brose, flows, goes, vose, boase, noes, glows, lo's, sows, throws, slows, rows, pros, foes, doze, pose, tows, bowes, rohs, throes, hose, chose, crose, mose, pows, close, lowes, owes, hoes, woes, grows, nose, ose, froze, sews, snows, moes, ohs, blows, crows, joes, lows, clothes, knows, ngos, gose, bose, shows, those, bows, roes, boes;
  2. expose, propose, arose, transpose, stavros, dubose, repose, bestows, tarots, disclose, enclose, compose, dispose, oppose, forgoes, suppose, plainclothes, depose, impose;
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Translations for foreclose:

Afrikaans word for Foreclose


Arabic word for Foreclose


Chinese word for Foreclose

取消 > 赎回权.

Dutch word for Foreclose


French word for Foreclose

effectuer une saisie.

Greek word for Foreclose


Hindi word for Foreclose


Italian word for Foreclose


Japanese word for Foreclose


Korean word for Foreclose


Malay word for Foreclose


Polish word for Foreclose


Portuguese word for Foreclose

executar uma hipoteca.

Romanian word for Foreclose


Spanish words for Foreclose

frenar, descartar, impedir, cerrar, obstaculizar, bloquear, excluir, embargar, expulsar, ejecutar la hipoteca.

Swedish word for Foreclose


Tamil word for Foreclose

முன் கூட்டியே.

Turkish word for Foreclose