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How To Spell foreground?

Correct spelling: foreground

Definition of foreground:

  1. (computer science) a window for an active application

List of misspellings for foreground:

  • f0reground,
  • nderground,
  • f9reground,
  • f9oreground,
  • foregro7nd,
  • foregfound,
  • fordeground,
  • goreground,
  • forground,
  • forebround,
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Translations for foreground:

Afrikaans word for Foreground


Arabic word for Foreground


Bengali word for Foreground


Chinese word for Foreground


French word for Foreground

premier plan.

German word for Foreground


Hindi word for Foreground


Japanese word for Foreground


Javanese word for Foreground


Korean word for Foreground


Malay word for Foreground

Latar depan.

Marathi word for Foreground


Norwegian word for Foreground


Polish word for Foreground

pierwszy plan.

Spanish words for Foreground

primer plano, primer término, plano principal.

Swedish word for Foreground


Turkish word for Foreground

ön plan.

Ukrainian word for Foreground

передній план.

Vietnamese word for Foreground

cận cảnh.