How To Spell forever?

Correct spelling: forever

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What are the rhymes for forever?

  1. sever, lever, wherever, whomever, trevor, whichever, whoever;
  2. ever, haver, kever, bever, clever, never;
  3. however, whatever, whenever, endeavor, endeavour;
  4. whatsoever, whomsoever, whosoever;

What are the translations for forever?

Arabic word for Forever

إلَى الأَبَد.

Chinese words for Forever

永, 永远, 海枯石烂.

Dutch words for Forever

definitief, voor altijd, eeuwig, voorgoed, onophoudelijk, aldoor, voor eeuwig.

French words for Forever

toujours, à jamais, pour toujours.

German words for Forever

dauerhaft, immer, ewig, für immer, ewiglich, immerdar.

Greek word for Forever


Hindi word for Forever

हमेशा के लिए.

Japanese words for Forever

いつまでも, せんだい, 末永く, 幾久しく, 千代, 永永, 生々世々, 末長く, 何時までも, 千世, 末始終, 已まない, えいえい, まつだい, じんみらい, すえしじゅう, 何時迄も, 止まない, 末代, 尽未来, ちよ, 永々, しょうじょうぜぜ, やまない, すえながく, いくひさしく.

Javanese word for Forever


Malay word for Forever


Portuguese words for Forever

para sempre, infinitamente.

Spanish words for Forever

siempre, constantemente, para siempre, por siempre, eternamente.