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How To Spell form?

Correct spelling: form

List of misspellings for form:

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What does the abbreviation form mean?

Related words for form

East Norfolk Sixth Form College


Sixth form college in Great Yarmouth, England

East Norfolk Sixth Form College is a sixth form college in Gorleston, Norfolk. Opened in 1982 it uses the building of the former Alderman Leach Secondary Modern school to form part of its campus in the centre of Gorleston.

Lowestoft Sixth Form College


Sixth form college in Lowestoft, England

Lowestoft Sixth Form College is a sixth-form college in the town of Lowestoft in the English county of Suffolk. The college opened in September 2011, replacing sixth form provision in the existing high schools in Lowestoft.

Peter Symonds College


Sixth form college in Winchester, England

Peter Symonds College is a sixth form college in Winchester, Hampshire, in the south of England. Founded as a boys' grammar school, it is one of the few specialist sixth form colleges which is also a boarding school.

St. Dominic's Sixth Form College


Sixth form college in Harrow, England

St Dominic's Sixth Form College is a Roman Catholic Sixth Form college on Harrow-on-the-Hill. The college has approximately 900 students aged between 16 and 18 and around 100 members of staff. The college was opened and initiated by Cardinal Hume.

The Stourport High School and Sixth Form Centre


School in Stourport-on-Severn, England

The Stourport High School & VIth Form Centre, formerly known as the Stourport High School and Language College, opened to students in 1956 as an 11-18 school.

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Translations for form:

Afrikaans words for Form

afrig, dreef, drukvorm, fatsoen, formaliteit, formeer, formulier, gedaante, klas, lees, lêplek, maak, metode, opstel, pligpleging, skep, skoolbank, skyn, standerd, stelsel, vervaardig, vorm.

Albanian words for Form

formoj, sajoj.

Arabic word for Form


Bengali word for Form


Catalan words for Form

concebre, emmotllar, estil, formulari, motlle.

Danish word for Form


Dutch words for Form

aantreden, de vorm aannemen van, formeren, maken, oprichten, soort, uitmaken, vormen, zich opstellen, zich vormen, gestalte.

French words for Form

forme, modeler, former, prendre, construire, procéder, composer, classe, formulaire, constituer, nouer, fiche, se former, formule, modelage, bulletin.

German words for Form

Zettel, entstehen, aufbauen, Formular, Gestaltung, gestalten, bilden, Fragebogen, Form, Ausgestaltung, Gestalt, formen, Gebilde, Art, Sorte, Bank, Ausformung, ausformen, formieren, Fassung, ausgestalten, Klasse, leger, eingehen, Vordruck, Formblatt, Schulklasse, Verschalung, Schalung, Jahrgangsstufe, Drucksorte, Schulbank.

Hindi word for Form


Italian word for Form


Japanese words for Form

形, 形態, よう, フォルム, 様式, 形作る, たい, 形づくる, 体形, けいたい, 姿形, たいけい, けいよう, 姿態, ほうしき, かたちづくる, 容作る, 握る, 形造る, 為す.

Javanese word for Form


Malay word for Form


Marathi word for Form


Polish words for Form

rodzaj, formularz.

Portuguese words for Form

moldar, maneira, formulário, compor, impresso, módulo.

Romanian word for Form


Russian words for Form

анкета, образовывать, формироваться.

Spanish words for Form

solicitud, tipo, elaborar, modelo, criar, fundar, constituir, formar, forma, figura, concebir, documento, formulario, clase, crear, ficha, construir, manera, modo, banco, modelar, modalidad, formato, componer, contorno, apariencias, formarse.

Tamil word for Form


Thai word for Form


Turkish word for Form

teşkil etmek.

Ukrainian word for Form


Vietnamese word for Form

hình thức.