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How To Spell fortnightly?

Correct spelling: fortnightly

Definition of fortnightly:

  1. occurring every two weeks

List of misspellings for fortnightly:

  • fortnjghtly,
  • fortjightly,
  • fortunalty,
  • fortn8ghtly,
  • fortuntely,
  • fo4tnightly,
  • forchnetly,
  • fortantly,
  • fortnately,
  • ufortunatley,
  • fortunantly,
  • fortuently,
  • fortunaltely,
  • forrnightly,
  • rortnightly,
  • fortuntately,
  • fortnifhtly,
  • fotunatly,
  • firtnightly,
  • fortunetley,
  • fourtunetly,
  • fo5tnightly,
  • fortunantely,
  • fortunetly,
  • fortuately,
  • fortunity,
  • fortuntly,
  • fortunatly,
  • flrtnightly,
  • furtunately,
  • fortionatly,
  • forynightly,
  • fortuantly,
  • cortnightly,
  • fodtnightly,
  • fprtnightly,
  • fotunately,
  • fortinatly,
  • tortnightly,
  • fortantally,
  • foftnightly,
  • fortunitly,
  • fortuneately,
  • foortnight,
  • fortnughtly,
  • fortuantely,
  • fortuenately,
  • fortunatlly,
  • foetnightly,
  • fortunetaly,
  • fortuneatly,
  • fortbightly,
  • fortunealty,
  • fortunally,
  • gortnightly,
  • ufortunatly,
  • fortunatley,
  • fortunitally,
  • fortnoghtly,
  • nfortunatley,
  • fortnatly,
  • fottnightly,
  • fornightly,
  • forutnately,
  • fortmightly,
  • fortnighlt,
  • fortunaltly,
  • forthnightly,
  • dortnightly,
  • fortunitely,
  • fortuanately,
  • fortnkghtly,
  • fortunatily,
  • fortunetely,
  • fortuneatley,
  • fourtunatly,
  • fourtnight,
  • frotunately,
  • fourtunately,
  • f9rtnightly,
  • fortuantley,
  • fortnivhtly,
  • fortunalely,
  • fortinally,
  • f0rtnightly,
  • fkrtnightly,
  • forfnightly,
  • fortn9ghtly,
  • fortunenetly,
  • foutunatly,
  • for6nightly,
  • fortnighly,
  • fortnighlty,
  • fortuntley,
  • forntunatly,
  • for5nightly,
  • forutuantly,
  • forgnightly,
  • furtunatly,
  • vortnightly.

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This graph shows how "fortnightly" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Translations for fortnightly:

Bengali word for Fortnightly


Chinese word for Fortnightly


French word for Fortnightly

tous les quinze jours.

German word for Fortnightly


Italian word for Fortnightly


Japanese word for Fortnightly


Javanese word for Fortnightly

Saben wulan.

Malay word for Fortnightly

Dua minggu sekali.

Marathi word for Fortnightly


Norwegian word for Fortnightly

hver fjortende dag.

Polish word for Fortnightly

co dwa tygodnie.

Portuguese word for Fortnightly


Spanish word for Fortnightly


Swedish word for Fortnightly


Tamil word for Fortnightly

இரண்டு வாரங்களுக்கு ஒரு முறை.

Vietnamese word for Fortnightly

mổi tháng hai lần.