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How To Spell FOUT?

Correct spelling: FOUT

What are the misspellings for FOUT ?

  • fo0ut,
  • fo9ut,
  • fo7ut,
  • fou6,
  • fo8ut,
  • f0out,
  • foput,
  • f0ut,
  • fou7t,
  • foiut,
  • fokut,
  • fou8t,
  • f9out,
  • fou5t,
  • vfout,
  • fo8t,
  • fouit,
  • fo ut,
  • fohut,
  • f out,
  • fo7t,
  • foyut,
  • f9ut,
  • fout5,
  • fou6t,
  • fvout,
  • fouut,
  • fiout,
  • ffout.

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What are the usage examples for FOUT?

  1. He went plum outer his haid yestiddy en fout wid a w'ite man down yonder at Cross's Co'nder, en dar's gwine ter be trouble about'n hit des ez sho' ez you live. – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  2. Rastignac, determined to sever all ties and impress the government with the fact that he meant a real violence, snarled at his benefactor, " Va t'feh fout – Rastignac the Devil by Philip José Farmer

What are the rhymes for FOUT?

  1. out, clout, kraut, strout, stout, sprout, drought, trout, shout, gout, grout, doubt, scout, route, rout, crout, bout, pout, tout, lout, flout, spout, snout;
  2. redoubt, about, without, throughout, devout, all-out, reroute;