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Correct spelling: fragment

Definition of fragment:

  1. A part broken off; a small detached portion; anything left unfinished.

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Examples of usage for fragment:

  1. In addition to the beautiful fragment of a front on the Trent bank, massive and extensive foundations in the back- ground show that it must have been an important building in by- gone times. –  by
  2. The lamp was shining full now upon the man's face, livid and white, upon his staring but sightless eyes, upon something around his neck, a fragment of silken cord, drawn so tightly that the flesh seemed to hang over and almost conceal it. –  by
  3. He was wearing an evening suit, obviously too large for him, a made- up white tie had slipped round underneath his ear, a considerable fragment of red silk handkerchief was visible between his waistcoat and much crumpled white shirt. –  by

Quotes for fragment:

  1. Normally, we are happy to find a fragment of jaw, a few isolated teeth, a bit of an arm, a bit of a skull. But to find associated body parts is extremely rare.
  2. I'm saying look, here they come, pay attention. Let your eyes transform what appears ordinary, commonplace, into what it is, a moment in time, an observed fragment of eternity.
  3. Why should Ireland be treated as a geographical fragment of England- Ireland is not a geographical fragment, but a nation.
  4. The law of humanity ought to be composed of the past, the present, and the future, that we bear within us; whoever possesses but one of these terms, has but a fragment of the law of the moral world.
  5. Of this our true individual life, our present life is a glimpse, a fragment, a hint, and in its best moments a visible beginning.