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How To Spell fragment?

Correct spelling: fragment

What are the misspellings for fragment ?

  • changement,
  • regment,
  • arugment,
  • tragment,
  • frigtened,
  • fragarent,
  • arugument,
  • figmint,
  • regament,
  • govrament,
  • couragement,
  • frequesnty,
  • fragmants,
  • arragement,
  • frangrant,
  • fragements,
  • retracment,
  • foregtound,
  • frighetned,
  • fragerent,
  • fregquent,
  • evriroment,
  • forfullment,
  • pregmant,
  • figmnet,
  • procument,
  • fregmented,
  • figmant,
  • firemament,
  • rgument,
  • firament,
  • fragmant,
  • arragment,
  • arugement,
  • frekvent,
  • fragmneted,
  • aragement,
  • fragemnted,
  • foramenotomy,
  • freamont,
  • erangment,
  • fragrent,
  • mamgement,
  • frequesnt,
  • fragmeants,
  • fregrant,
  • fdagment,
  • fragerant,
  • fraudglent,
  • fragemented,
  • falggnent,
  • frgamented,
  • aragment,
  • procurmeant,
  • fragant,
  • dragment,
  • framerate,
  • srarement,
  • agreegment,
  • frigthened,
  • ferignheight,
  • fragement,
  • rragment,
  • defragmenter,
  • proquerment,
  • magagment,
  • fragrments,
  • fragmentaion,
  • fraugulant,
  • feagment,
  • arrugment,
  • vragment,
  • procurment,
  • infrigment,
  • fragmentated,
  • fragmeted,
  • mamagment,
  • regement,
  • frigthend,
  • defragmentor,
  • aregument,
  • freeagent,
  • arengment,
  • arraigment,
  • farimount,
  • foramintomy,
  • srgument,
  • defragmented,
  • arrgument,
  • procuement,
  • mamgment,
  • freguent,
  • cragment,
  • irecommend,
  • arugemnt,
  • frighetend,
  • framrate,
  • infrigement,
  • gragment,
  • pregment.

What is the definition of fragment?

  1. a piece broken off or cut off of something else; "a fragment of rock"

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What are the quotes for fragment?

  1. Normally, we are happy to find a fragment of jaw, a few isolated teeth, a bit of an arm, a bit of a skull. But to find associated body parts is extremely rare.
  2. I'm saying look, here they come, pay attention. Let your eyes transform what appears ordinary, commonplace, into what it is, a moment in time, an observed fragment of eternity.
  3. Why should Ireland be treated as a geographical fragment of England- Ireland is not a geographical fragment, but a nation.
  4. The law of humanity ought to be composed of the past, the present, and the future, that we bear within us; whoever possesses but one of these terms, has but a fragment of the law of the moral world.
  5. Of this our true individual life, our present life is a glimpse, a fragment, a hint, and in its best moments a visible beginning.

What are the translations for fragment?

Arabic word for Fragment


Chinese words for Fragment

片段, 碎片, 碎屑, 瓣, 虀, 碎块.

Dutch words for Fragment

stuk, gedeelte, flard, scherf, brokstuk.

French words for Fragment

bout, parcelle, morceau, extrait.

German words for Fragment

zerbrechen, zersplittern, Fragment, fragmentieren, in Stücke brechen.

Italian word for Fragment


Japanese words for Fragment

断片, フラグメント, ひとかけら, 欠け, かけら, 缺け, 片割れ, 一端, だんぺん, 一個, はんぱ, ひと欠片, 闕け, 一欠けら, 一欠片, 欠片, 半端, 欠けら, ざんぺん, 一ヶ, 一箇, ひと欠けら, はへん, 残片, かたわれ.

Malay words for Fragment

Serpihan, Pecahan.

Polish word for Fragment


Russian words for Fragment

фрагмент, кусок, осколок, обрывок.

Spanish word for Fragment


Tamil word for Fragment


Turkish word for Fragment


Ukrainian word for Fragment