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How To Spell frame?

Correct spelling: frame

List of misspellings for frame:

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  • fram,
  • from25,
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What does the abbreviation frame mean?

Related words for frame

Eric Stuart


American voice actor

Eric Stuart is an American voice actor, voice director and musician who worked for 4Kids Entertainment, NYAV Post, and Central Park Media. He provides voices for English dubs of anime, cartoons, and video games.

Jimmy Frame


Scottish soccer player

Jimmy Buchanan Frame was a Scottish footballer who played for Rangers, Dumbarton and Worcester.

Tarby's Frame Game


British game show

Tarby's Frame Game was a British game show that aired on ITV from 24 May 1987 to 29 July 1989 and hosted by Jimmy Tarbuck.

Tommy Frame


Soccer player

Thomas "Tommy" Frame was a Scottish footballer who played at full back. He was born in Burnbank. He played for Burnbank Athletic, Cowdenbeath, Manchester United, Southport, Rhyl Athletic and Bridgnorth Town.

Vicky Hudson


Fictional character

Vicky Hudson is a fictional character that appeared on the NBC daytime soap opera Another World and the CBS daytime soap opera As the World Turns. The character was killed in a plane crash in November 1999, but remained as a ghost through 2001.

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Rhymes for frame:

  1. exclaim, flame, brame, reclaim, graeme, proclaim, maim, boehm, ame, came, fame, inflame, boehme, aime, tame, game, mame, damme, haim, aim, shame, same, name, blame, claim, dame, rename, mayme, bame, lame, baim;
  2. disclaim, ballgame, ashame, became, acclaim, aflame, declaim, defame;
  3. overcame;

Translations for frame:

Arabic word for Frame


Bengali word for Frame


Dutch words for Frame

raam, onderstel, lijst, geraamte, inlijsten, in de val laten lopen, bedriegen, beeld, ontwerpen, raamwerk, omlijsten, montuur, omlijsting.

French words for Frame

cadre, structure, charpente, armature, châssis, monture, dormant, encadrer, construire, bloc, corps, formuler, trame, encadrement, bâti, carcasse, échafaud.

German words for Frame

Rahmen, Support, Gestell, Formular, entwerfen, formulieren, gestalten, bilden, ausarbeiten, entwickeln, Gerippe, Gestalt, Figur, formen, Struktur, Zusammensetzen, Bild, Statur, Einzelbild, Fassung, Image, Zarge, Chassis, umrahmen, einrahmen, reinlegen, fälschlich bezichtigen, Frame, Untergestell, Spant, Datenübertragungsblock, Vollbild, Frühbeet, Erhebungsgrundlage, Körperbau, Rasterbild, Bildfeld, Rahmentragwerk, Bordüre, Korpus, RAM, Kader, imaginär, Ramme.

Greek word for Frame


Hindi word for Frame


Italian words for Frame

cornice, struttura, telaio, riquadro, scocca, fotogramma, montatura.

Japanese words for Frame

枠, 骨格, 架台, 枠組, 骨組, 車体, 架構, 骨骼, 框, ひとこま, つづる, しゃたい, 濡れ衣を着せる, 綴る, ほね, わくぐみ, 一駒, すばこ, 巣箱, わくをつける, 一こま, 一齣, こっかく, ぬれぎぬをきせる, 枠を付ける.

Javanese word for Frame


Korean word for Frame


Malay word for Frame


Marathi word for Frame


Polish words for Frame

obudowa, ramka, klatka, oprawka, szkielet, obramowanie, oprawa, kadr, ościeżnica, framuga, stelaż, ramą.

Portuguese words for Frame

suporte, quadro, estrutura, emoldurar, conceber, ajeitar, moldar, arranjar, corpo, março, armação, enquadramento, carcaça, caixilho, pórtico, enquadrar, dispor, idealizar, pôr armação em.

Romanian word for Frame


Spanish words for Frame

marco, elaborar, plantear, soporte, armazón, montura, cuadro, fotograma, enmarcar, armar, expresar, rama, bordear, carcasa, trama, moldura, fabricar, plataforma, construir, forjar, estructura, cercar, idear, cerco, imagen, maquinar, cuerpo, modelar, chasis, bastidor, contorno, esqueleto, encuadre, armadura, complexión, encuadrar.

Tamil word for Frame


Ukrainian word for Frame


Vietnamese word for Frame