How To Spell frankly?

Correct spelling: frankly

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What is the definition of frankly?

  1. In a frank manner.

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This graph shows how "frankly" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for frankly?

  1. rankly, blankly;

What are the translations for frankly?

Afrikaans word for Frankly


Arabic word for Frankly


Chinese word for Frankly


French words for Frankly

directement, fermement, franchement, sans détour, ouvertement, crûment.

German words for Frankly

frei, aufrichtig, offen, geradeheraus, offen gesagt, frei heraus.

Japanese words for Frankly

づけづけ, ずけずけ, ずばり, はらをわって, 腹を割って, 包みなく, つつみなく, つけつけ.

Javanese word for Frankly

Terus terang.

Korean word for Frankly


Marathi word for Frankly


Polish word for Frankly


Romanian word for Frankly

sincer vorbind.

Spanish words for Frankly

sinceramente, francamente.

Swedish word for Frankly

uppriktigt sagt.

Turkish word for Frankly


Vietnamese word for Frankly

một cách thẳng thắn.