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How To Spell freeze?

Correct spelling: freeze

Definition of freeze:

  1. be very cold, below the freezing point; "It is freezing in Kalamazoo"

List of misspellings for freeze:

  • frezzez,
  • fraizer,
  • fethureze,
  • friez,
  • freame,
  • frienzy,
  • friece,
  • frezer,
  • frizer,
  • breeeze,
  • frozeen,
  • frezeer,
  • freezen,
  • frizbe,
  • freze,
  • ferece,
  • frysbee,
  • frebee,
  • freeezes,
  • freespeech,
  • breezey,
  • freez,
  • frezes,
  • feezer,
  • frizen,
  • frazer,
  • frezie,
  • freebees,
  • frierce,
  • freezed,
  • friere,
  • freebee,
  • freazes,
  • frequecy,
  • freeser,
  • freire,
  • phraze,
  • firelace,
  • feeze,
  • friese,
  • foreever,
  • frezzer,
  • frozze,
  • ferice,
  • freate,
  • freaz,
  • frisbe,
  • breezee,
  • freesbee,
  • frezbe,
  • freazse,
  • diferece,
  • freize,
  • freege,
  • frenzie,
  • freezy,
  • freerer,
  • frezze,
  • frree,
  • freedie,
  • freekie,
  • frezzy,
  • frezzs,
  • reese,
  • brezee,
  • frese,
  • firerce,
  • freeeze,
  • freebe,
  • freeses,
  • frienze,
  • freser,
  • freenzy,
  • fredge,
  • freese,
  • feezes,
  • frezee,
  • freeky,
  • freezeing,
  • feazr,
  • frenzi,
  • frenz,
  • frooze,
  • freelace,
  • freee,
  • freezeer,
  • forece,
  • freeley,
  • freebeez,
  • freem,
  • frezzed,
  • freeer,
  • firenze,
  • frenze,
  • freezor,
  • greezy,
  • fribsee,
  • firepace,
  • frence,
  • froce.

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Fresno Freeze FC


Soccer team

Fresno Freeze Futbol Club is an amateur women’s soccer team based in Fresno, California.

Jake Freeze


Baseball player

Carl Alexander "Jake" Freeze was a Major League Baseball pitcher who appeared in two games for the Chicago White Sox in July 1925. The 5 ft 8 in, 150 lb. right-hander was a native of Huntington, Arkansas. Both of Freeze's major league appearances were on the road against the St. Louis Browns at Sportsman's Park.

Quake Live


Video game

Quake Live is a first-person shooter video game by id Software. It is an updated version of Quake III Arena that was originally designed as a free-to-play game launched via a web browser plug-in.

Samuel Freeze



Samuel Freeze was a farmer and political figure in New Brunswick. He represented King's County in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick in 1820, from 1828 to 1830 and from 1835 to 1844.

The Big Freeze


1993 film

The Big Freeze is a 1993 featurette-length film written and directed by Eric Sykes. The action centres on mishaps involving a father and son plumbing team attending to business in sub-zero temperatures at a retirement home in Finland.

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This graph shows how "freeze" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for freeze:

  1. In a sense, words are encyclopedias of ignorance because they freeze perceptions at one moment in history and then insist we continue to use these frozen perceptions when we should be doing better.
  2. If you get too attached to how you want it to come out the other side, you freeze. I try to trust that it will work out in the end.
  3. I told her I wanted a plastic surgeon to sew me up, and I wanted her to freeze my ovaries, so I could harvest the eggs and have a biological child through a surrogate.
  4. I am not yet born; O fill me with strength against those who would freeze my humanity.
  5. And I think we need a combination of a freeze, potentially, and also we need to sit down with the- with the banking industry and talk to them about ways in which we can help them be able to work those mortgages out, because it's absolutely imperative that we keep people in their homes.

Rhymes for freeze:

  1. deas, sleaze, flees, fees, tease, teas, saez, fleas, sies, threes, frees, hees, bes, these, neese, mees, keyes, cees, vees, keys, she's, feese, sprees, deis, z's, seize, glees, kees, dees, breese, crees, seas, tees, geez, bees, ease, rees, beas, neis, trees, keas, neas, reis, sees, liese, leas, please, breeze, skis, lees, mease, meis, jeez, pleas, peas, preis, wheeze, squeeze, frieze, sneeze, reas, friese, cheese, gies, nees, knees, pease;
  2. reprise, pawnees, louise, burmese, rupees, cadiz, unease, chinese, aziz, appease, agrees, trapeze, decrees, ortiz, scorsese, belize, displease, trainees, draftees, degrees, disease, cds, lessees, andries, foresees, chemise, maltese, trustees, jaycees;
  3. sinhalese, japanese, enrollees, expertise, amputees, conferees, nepalese, retirees, nominees, siamese, taiwanese, journalese, disagrees, absentees, ccs, sudanese, referees, annamese, timorese, returnees, javanese, devotees, balinese, internees, designees, escapees, guaranties, guarantees, inductees, appointees, enlistees, detainees, franchisees, overseas, cantonese, licensees, honorees;
  4. abts, indochinese, interviewees, stds;

Translations for freeze:

Afrikaans word for Freeze


Arabic word for Freeze


Bengali word for Freeze

বরফে পরিণত করা.

Chinese word for Freeze


Dutch words for Freeze

blokkeren, bevriezing, bevriezen, invriezen, vriezen, verstijven, verstarren, verlammen.

French words for Freeze

bloquer, geler, congeler, glacer, surgeler, moratoire, blocage, se figer.

German words for Freeze

Stillstand, fixieren, anhalten, erstarren, stoppen, blockieren, sperren, einfrieren, gefrieren, Frost, Gel, zufrieren, vereisen, frieren, festfrieren, tiefgefrieren, zu Eis werden, zu Eis gefrieren, frosten.

Greek word for Freeze


Hindi word for Freeze


Italian words for Freeze

congelamento, congelare, bloccare, gelare.

Japanese word for Freeze


Javanese word for Freeze


Korean word for Freeze


Malay word for Freeze


Marathi word for Freeze


Norwegian word for Freeze


Polish word for Freeze


Portuguese words for Freeze

travar, reter, paralisar, imobilizar, gelar, frigorificar, gelificar, regelar, gear, enregelar.

Romanian word for Freeze

a îngheța.

Russian words for Freeze

заморозить, застывать, замораживание, замереть, замирать, мёрзнуть, морозить, примерзать, замерзать.

Spanish words for Freeze

conservar, suspender, bloquearse, bloquear, parar, detenerse, congelar, congelarse, congelación, helada, helar, inmovilizar, solidificar, helarse.

Swedish word for Freeze


Tamil word for Freeze


Turkish word for Freeze


Ukrainian word for Freeze


Vietnamese word for Freeze

đông lại.