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Spell Check of Friede

Correct spelling: Friede

Common misspellings for Friede:

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Friede \f-rie-de\

Friede as a girl's name.
Freda, Frieda, Fred, Fredi, Fredy, Freeda, Friedah, Fredie, Frida, Frayde, Freyde.

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Examples of usage for Friede:

  1. The average American is, and remains a pacifist 'Er segnet Friede und Friedenszeiten, ' and can only be drawn into war by passionate popular excitement." – My Three Years in America by Johann Heinrich Andreas Hermann Albrecht Graf von Bernstorff
  2. Sullen tempers, the rod, and the strictest, almost cruel, constraint had overshadowed his childhood, and now his effort was directed towards having the whole world of little people join joyously in his favourite cry, " Friede Freude, Freiheit!" – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers

Rhymes for Friede:

  1. lipide, creed, bede, shaheed, saeed, bead, reed, freed, read, reid, she'd, teed, seed, dede, supersede, misread, steed, reread, screed, recede, feed, tweed, reseed, ede, breed, hamid, rasheed, walid, swede, proceed, indeed, precede, secede, mead, leed, greed, heed, misdeed, skied, waleed, rashid, deed, stampede, snead, speed, weed, sneed, we'd, mislead, succeed, kneed, bleed, meade, nead, cede, knead, fede, wied, need, keyed, he'd, impede, plead, lead, brede, fried;
  2. degreed, agreed, exceed, elide, decreed, accede, gilead, concede;
  3. intercede, aristide, guaranteed, overfeed, disagreed;