How To Spell friendly?

Correct spelling: friendly

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What are the rhymes for friendly?

  1. kenley, penley, pendley;
  2. henley, denley;
  3. unfriendly;

What are the translations for friendly?

Afrikaans word for Friendly


Arabic word for Friendly


Chinese words for Friendly

友好的, 好客, 亲睦, 蔼, 恺悌, 翕, 潗.

Dutch words for Friendly

vriendelijk, aardig, vriendschappelijk, gemoedelijk, bevriend, aimabel, amicaal.

French words for Friendly

facile, gentil, sociable, liant, aimable, favorable, convivial, avenant, familier, accueillant, sympathique, intuitif, affable, cordiale, cordial, courtois, amical, amiable, sympathiques, aimables, compatible avec.

German words for Friendly

freundlich, nett, familiär, freundschaftlich, zuvorkommend, traulich, Freundschaftsspiel.

Italian word for Friendly


Japanese words for Friendly

フレンドリー, 友好的, 親しみやすい, フレンドリ, 親善試合, 人なつっこい, 人懐っこい, ひとなつっこい, ゆうこうてき, きやすい, したしみやすい, ごじょてき, 色良い, 心易い, 互助的, 気安い, しんぜんじあい, 親しみ深い, したしみぶかい, こころやすい, いろよい, 砕けた, 気易い, 人懐こい, 親しみ易い, ひとなつこい, 心安い, 色好い.

Javanese word for Friendly


Malay word for Friendly


Norwegian word for Friendly


Polish word for Friendly


Portuguese words for Friendly

acolhedor, amigável, favoráveis, amigáveis, gentis, calorosa, hospitaleiro, cómoda, respeitadores, afáveis, respeitadora.

Romanian word for Friendly


Russian words for Friendly

дружелюбный, дружеский, приветливый, дружный, безвредный.

Spanish words for Friendly

afable, amable, agradable, caluroso, afectuoso, amigable, amistoso, respetuoso, acogedor, amigo, amables, amigables.

Swedish word for Friendly


Turkish word for Friendly

arkadaş canlısı.

Ukrainian word for Friendly