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How To Spell fries?

Correct spelling: fries

List of misspellings for fries:

  • wries,
  • feries,
  • fluries,
  • fgures,
  • friest,
  • fthes,
  • forkes,
  • frige,
  • frirst,
  • friger,
  • forus,
  • wrires,
  • frese,
  • frezes,
  • fireces,
  • fiews,
  • fishries,
  • faires,
  • furries,
  • farious,
  • ferious,
  • frass,
  • femaies,
  • fruites,
  • frigs,
  • fearues,
  • rrise,
  • fourios,
  • fures,
  • fiires,
  • freese,
  • foiren,
  • friear,
  • forish,
  • friece,
  • phrse,
  • fribsee,
  • frewsh,
  • friom,
  • focres,
  • froce,
  • rfies,
  • offres,
  • fraiser,
  • frieds,
  • furios,
  • frazer,
  • frais,
  • firerce,
  • fraes,
  • ferous,
  • frise,
  • frisay,
  • frissbee,
  • forumes,
  • forex,
  • faroces,
  • frades,
  • forses,
  • fieds,
  • facories,
  • friuts,
  • furous,
  • fruis,
  • fities,
  • freaz,
  • frizbe,
  • frizer,
  • freeser,
  • firen,
  • faris,
  • frizen,
  • frive,
  • frisby,
  • firious,
  • frezie,
  • froces,
  • frie,
  • faras,
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  • furrs,
  • forien,
  • fies,
  • futires,
  • afres,
  • frima,
  • furace,
  • frsesh,
  • frose,
  • firers,
  • forein,
  • fariest,
  • friens,
  • frizes,
  • frakes,
  • freso,
  • ovries,
  • frienzy,
  • ferece,
  • frier.

What does the abbreviation fries mean?

Related words for fries

Bengt Fredrik Fries


Bengt Fredrik Fries was a Swedish zoologist. He studied at Lund University.

Francis Henry Fries


"Colonel" Francis Henry Fries was an American textile businessman and industrialist from North Carolina.

Frank W. Fries


U.S. representative

Frank William Fries was a U.S. Representative from Illinois. Born in Hornsby, Cahokia Township, Macoupin County, Illinois, Fries moved with his parents to Gillespie, Illinois, in 1904. He attended the public schools. Coal miner 1915-1917.

Fries Mills, New Jersey



Fries Mills is an unincorporated community located within Franklin Township, in Gloucester County, New Jersey, United States.

John Edmund Fries


Football player

John Edmund "Jack" Fries was an American football player and coach.

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Quotes for fries:

  1. If life were fair, Dan Quayle would be making a living asking 'Do you want fries with that?'
  2. I eat a cheeseburger with French fries almost every day.
  3. I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and Fries.
  4. A month before the season, I don't order fries with my club sandwich.
  5. Attempting to write vocal oriented songs to me felt like going through the motions and if you are going to go through the motions you might as well just do any gig that caused you to do repetitive motions like banging a hammer or serving fries.

Rhymes for fries:

  1. pies, ise, complies, surprise, ties, hise, guise, unties, marseilles, pint-size, lise, buys, eyes, wies, dyes, emprise, chastise, geis, skies, supplies, disguise, julies, thighs, grise, replies, y's, mies, implies, prize, sighs, thais, dies, crise, ries, tries, size, kise, eis, surmise, revise, bies, defies, cries, demise, relies, ayes, goodbyes, vies, highs, upsize, comprise, nies, denies, flies, dries, decries, plies, bise, wyse, wise, dise, pries, guys, rise, unwise, incise, spies, despise, shies, lies, ais;
  2. allies, baptize, applies, reprise, belies, devise, advise, apprise, arise;
  3. improvise, oversize, underlies;
  4. sensationalize, decriminalize;

Translations for fries:

Afrikaans word for Fries


Dutch words for Fries

frietjes, friet, patat.

French word for Fries


German words for Fries

Fritten, Fries.

Greek word for Fries


Malay word for Fries


Marathi word for Fries


Polish word for Fries


Russian word for Fries


Tamil word for Fries


Turkish word for Fries


Ukrainian word for Fries