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Correct spelling: fuel

Common misspellings for fuel:

fevel, fe full, fabble, felle, fefool, fallyhoo, fue, faffle, fafable, fafably, feefalo.


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This graph shows how "fuel" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for fuel:

  1. pool, school, yule, raul, spruill, sewell, newell, thule, you'll, poul, rule, kool, luelle, ruel, stool, buhl, sewall, gruel, mule, buel, jule, reule, spool, drool, boole, joule, juul, fool, who'll, tool, jewel, boule, juel, cool, poole;
  2. misrule, duel, preschool, uncool, ewell, nepool, buell, o'toole, raoul, home-school, cruel, abdul, crewel, retool, dual;
  3. istanbul, accrual, supercool, refuel, renewal;