How To Spell fulfill?

Correct spelling: fulfill

What is the definition of fulfill?

  1. To complete: to accomplish: to carry into effect:-pr.p. fulfilling; pa.p. fulfilled'.

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What are the rhymes for fulfill?

  1. thrill, twill, till, gill, mill, trill, lil, drill, jill, zil, wil, mil, bil, sill, pill, swill, skill, hill, frill, still, sil, will, we'll, prill, lille, spill, brill, fill, til, grill, grille, thill, phil, lill, krill, mille, pil, ill, quill, il, ville, gil, stil, nil, hille, fril, chill, dill, bill, shill, fil, rill, shrill, nill, jil, zill;
  2. instill, goodwill, sunil, until, refill, seville, belleville, uphill, distill, distil, demille, brazil, bastille, abril;

What are the translations for fulfill?

French words for Fulfill

assumer, accomplir, atteindre, exercer, honorer, respecter, satisfaire, remplir, combler, s'acquitter.

German words for Fulfill

nachkommen, realisieren, entsprechen, verwirklichen, vollziehen, gerecht werden, befriedigen, ableisten, anfüllen.

Japanese words for Fulfill

満たす, 当てはまる, 為し遂げる, 当て嵌まる, なしとげる, あてはまる.

Portuguese words for Fulfill

atingir, satisfazer, cumprir, desempenhar, preencher, concretizar.

Spanish words for Fulfill

cumplir, satisfacer, realizar, conseguir, atender, cubrir, llenar, cumplimentar, completar, concluir, efectuar, hacer efectivo, saciar, colmar.