How To Spell funding?

Correct spelling: funding

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What are the rhymes for funding?

  1. refunding;

What are the translations for funding?

Afrikaans word for Funding


Dutch words for Funding

financiering, bekostiging, monetaire steun.

French words for Funding

financement, soutien.

German words for Funding

Subvention, Aufbringung von Mitteln, Fundierung, Budget, Finanzausstattung, Finanzierung.

Hindi word for Funding

वित्त पोषण.

Italian words for Funding

bilancio, finanziamento, sovvenzione, provvista fondi.

Japanese word for Funding


Javanese word for Funding


Korean word for Funding


Malay word for Funding


Polish word for Funding


Portuguese words for Funding

financiamento, apoio, financiamentos, verbas, ajuda monetária.

Spanish words for Funding

financiación, fondos, de financiación, recursos, financiero, financiamiento, aportación financiera.

Swedish words for Funding

finansiering, medel.

Turkish word for Funding


Vietnamese word for Funding

tài trợ.