How To Spell funny?

Correct spelling: funny

What is the definition of funny?

  1. A light boat.

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What are the rhymes for funny?

  1. money, tunney, sunny, bunny, runny, bunnie, honey, sonny, tunny, gunny;

What are the translations for funny?

Afrikaans word for Funny


Arabic word for Funny


Chinese word for Funny


Dutch words for Funny

leuk, vreemd, gek, grappig, raar, geestig, onverwacht, ongewoon, vermakelijk, lollig, plezant.

French words for Funny

curieux, singulier, risible, divertissant, bizarre, hilarant, cocasse, drôles, marrant, comique, rigolo, humoristique, désopilant, tordant, bidonnant, poilant.

German words for Funny

seltsam, komisch, kurios, ulkig, originell, gediegen, putzig, lustig, witzig, drollig, possierlich, amüsant, humorvoll, spaßhaft, juxig, Komik.

Greek word for Funny


Italian word for Funny


Japanese words for Funny

ファニー, おもすれー, 剽軽, おもしれー, おもしれえ, ひょうきん, おもすれえ, 面白い.

Malay word for Funny


Norwegian words for Funny

rolig, morsom.

Polish word for Funny


Portuguese words for Funny

estranho, interessante, engraçado, esquisito, cómico, hilário, graciosa.

Romanian word for Funny


Russian words for Funny

забавный, весёлый, комичный, потешный, курьёзный, прикольный, занятный, занимательный.

Spanish words for Funny

raro, divertido, curioso, gracioso, peculiar, sospechoso, cómico, chistoso.

Vietnamese word for Funny

buồn cười.