How To Spell further?

Correct spelling: further

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What is the definition of further?

  1. More distant; additional.

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What are the translations for further?

Arabic word for Further

بِالإضَافَة إلَى ذَلِك.

Chinese word for Further


Dutch word for Further


French words for Further

autre, supplémentaire, nouveau, accrue, plus loin, approfondir, promouvoir, faire avancer, favoriser, encourager, poursuivre, autres, secondaires, ultérieures.

German words for Further

weiter, zusätzlich, mehr, voranbringen, vorantreiben, sonst, anderweitig, neuerlich, nochmalig, weiterbringen.

Greek word for Further


Italian words for Further

inoltre, ulteriore, oltre, di più, più avanti.

Japanese words for Further

さらなる, 更なる, もっと, それ以上, それいじょう, それ以上の.

Javanese word for Further

Luwih lanjut.

Malay word for Further


Norwegian word for Further


Polish words for Further

kolejny, dalszy.

Romanian word for Further


Spanish word for Further


Swedish word for Further