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Spell Check of Fust

Correct spelling: Fust

Definition of Fust:

  1. The shaft of a column, or the trunk of a pilaster.
  2. A strong musty smell.
  3. To become mouldy; to smell ill.

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Examples of usage for Fust:

  1. The epilogue, a dialogue between John Fust and his friends, brings home the thought once more in another form, emphasizing the fact that there can be no new realm of actual, palpable knowledge opened up to man beyond that which his intellect is able to perceive. –  by
  2. Why, my fust fight was for five shillings in Tott'nam Fields; and proud I was when I won it. –  by
  3. It is now known that the first book printed in Europe with metal types, was the Mazarine Bible, printed by Gutemberg and Fust at Mentz, in 1455. –  by