How To Spell Gali?

Correct spelling: Gali

What does the abbreviation Gali mean?


Gali as a girl's name.

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What are the usage examples for Gali?

  1. Near Mokhfidh sleeps Sidi Gali but the principal saint of Tangier lies interred on the top of the hill, in the centre of a small plain. – The Bible in Spain by George Borrow

What are the rhymes for Gali?

  1. jolly, polley, brolly, trolley, rawly, dollie, colly, lolly, rolley, kahley, folly, hollie, mali, polly, molley, volley, holley, dolley, collie, ollie, smalley, ali, holly, bali, golly, cali, dali, colley, molly, sollie, dolly, mollie, olley;
  2. natale, vitaly, natali, bengali, kigali, somali, bialy, vitali;
  3. mexicali;
  4. internationale;