How To Spell gambling?

Correct spelling: gambling

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 \g(a)-mbli-ng, gam(b)-ling\

Gambling as a boy's name is a variant of Gamble (Old Norse), and the meaning of Gambling is "old".

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What are the rhymes for gambling?

  1. rambling, scrambling, ambling;

What are the translations for gambling?

Arabic word for Gambling


Chinese word for Gambling


Dutch word for Gambling


French word for Gambling


German words for Gambling

spielen, Spekulation, Glücksspiel, Glücksspiele, Zocken, Spielerei.

Greek word for Gambling


Italian word for Gambling

gioco d´azzardo.

Japanese words for Gambling

ギャンブル, 賭博, 博打, 賭, ばくち, 賭け, ばくちうち, 手慰み, かけごと, てなぐさみ, わるあそび, 賭け事, とばく, てっか, 博奕, 開帳, 鉄火, 丁半, 博奕打ち, ちょうはん, 悪遊び, 博打打ち, 賭事, ばくえき, ばくち打ち.

Javanese word for Gambling


Malay word for Gambling


Norwegian word for Gambling


Polish word for Gambling


Portuguese words for Gambling

jogo, jogos de azar, jogo a dinheiro, jogatina, jogo de azar.

Romanian word for Gambling

acțiunea de a juca la jocuri de noroc.

Russian word for Gambling

азартная игра.

Spanish words for Gambling

juego, apuestas, juegos de azar.

Swedish words for Gambling

kumar, hasardspel.

Ukrainian word for Gambling

гра на гроші.

Vietnamese word for Gambling

liên quan đến đánh bạc.