How To Spell gate?

Correct spelling: gate

What is the definition of gate?

  1. a door-like movable barrier in a fence or wall

What does the abbreviation gate mean?

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What are the translations for gate?

Afrikaans word for Gate


Arabic word for Gate


Bengali word for Gate


Chinese words for Gate

闸门, 浇口, 门口, 闸阀, 栅门, 门首, 门岗, 大门.

Dutch words for Gate

poort, ingang, klep, doorgang, toegangspoort, uitgang, hek, slagboom.

French words for Gate

porte, portail, barrière, vanne, grille, portique, portillon.

German words for Gate

Ausgang, Anschnitt, Schranke, Gatter, Tor, Pforte, Sperre, Portal, Port, Schieber, Gate, Eingangstor, Abbaustrecke, Schaltelement, Flugsteig, Anguss, Bahnschranke, Zuschauerzahl, Grind.

Greek word for Gate


Italian words for Gate

cancello, cancelletto, cancellata, brama.

Japanese words for Gate

ゲート, 論理素子, ろんりそし.

Javanese word for Gate


Portuguese words for Gate

porta, portão, barreira, comporta.

Spanish words for Gate

entrada, salida, ingreso, puerta, verja, compuerta, puerta de embarque, taquilla, barrera, puerto, tranquera, cancela, portillo, palanca de velocidades, palanca de cambios.

Tamil word for Gate


Ukrainian word for Gate