How To Spell gather?

Correct spelling: gather

What is the definition of gather?

  1. the act of gathering something

What does the abbreviation gather mean?

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What are the rhymes for gather?

  1. blather, mather, bather, lather, rather, cather;

What are the translations for gather?

Afrikaans word for Gather


Arabic word for Gather


Bengali word for Gather

সংগ্রহ করা.

Catalan word for Gather


Dutch words for Gather

verzamelen, zich verzamelen, concluderen, bijeenroepen, inzamelen, samenkomen, ophopen, samenbrengen, bijeenbrengen, inwinnen.

French words for Gather

ramasser, regrouper, recueillir, rassembler, réunir, se regrouper, cueillir, amasser, compiler, accumuler, collecter.

German words for Gather

beschaffen, erfassen, erheben, aufziehen, sammeln, sich sammeln, sich versammeln, pflücken, entnehmen, Assembler, heranziehen, zusammenlaufen, ansammeln, versammeln, zusammentragen, einholen, sich ansammeln, einsammeln, zusammenrufen, ernten, sich scharen, raffen, klauben, kräuseln, zusammensuchen, vergären.

Greek word for Gather


Italian word for Gather


Japanese words for Gather

集まる, 集める, ギャザー, 群がる, 拾い集める, 集る, うかがう, 奮い起す, 堅める, 取集める, むらがる, よせる, 取り集める, 狩集める, 寄り合う, あつめる, 簇がる, 奮い起こす, とりまとめる, 寄せ集める, 会する, 駆り集める, 取纏める, よりあう, 取り揃える, 駆集める, かいする, 狩り集める, よせあつめる, とりそろえる, 溜る, とりあつめる, 取揃える, たまる, あつまる, おちあう.

Javanese word for Gather


Korean word for Gather

...을 (끌어) 모으다.

Malay word for Gather


Norwegian word for Gather


Polish words for Gather

zebrać, zbierać, zgromadzić, spotykać się.

Portuguese words for Gather

perceber, recolher, coletar, reunir-se, colher, congregar, franzir.

Romanian word for Gather

a se aduna.

Russian words for Gather

собирать, собираться.

Spanish words for Gather

agruparse, comprobar, reunirse, encontrarse, recoger, acumular, recolectar, ganar, congregarse, deducir, entender, almacenar, unirse, juntar, recopilar, agregar, recabar, acopiar, acercase.

Swedish word for Gather


Tamil word for Gather


Turkish word for Gather


Ukrainian word for Gather


Vietnamese word for Gather

tập hợp.