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How To Spell gazette?

Correct spelling: gazette

Definition of gazette:

  1. publish in a gazette

List of misspellings for gazette:

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The Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting Co. is a privately held holding company of various assets in the broadcast media, based in Elyria, Ohio.

Film Bug II


Album by The Gazette

Film Bug II is the third music video collection by The Gazette released on August 4, 2010. It features music videos from 2006 to 2009 which includes "Regret", "Filth in the Beauty", "Hyena", "Chizuru", "Burial Applicant", "Guren", "Leech", "Distress and Coma", "The Invisible Wall" and "Before I Decay".

Journal-Gazette Building


The Journal-Gazette Building is a historic commercial building located in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was designed by noted Fort Wayne architect Charles R. Weatherhogg and built in 1927-1928. It is a four-story, 13 bay, red brick building with limestone trim in the Chicago Style. The seven central bays feature round arch window openings. For many years the building housed The Journal Gazette newspaper plant. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Ohinemuri County


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Star News Group is a local media company based in Pakenham, Victoria. It was founded by Albert Edward Thomas in 1909 as the Berwick Shire News and Pakenham and Cranbourne Gazette.

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This graph shows how "gazette" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for gazette:

  1. offset, willette, nett, brevet, piet, lynette, jett, rosette, let, fett, babette, gelette, bernet, nellette, tete, quartet, susette, hugette, regret, bet, reset, barrette, debt, cornet, pet, collette, margette, jolette, whet, roulette, et, brunet, paulette, tourette, henriette, met, odette, silhouette, unmet, smet, flageolet, claudette, bassette, lavette, chet, statuette, jeanette, marlette, minaret, duet, hughette, rochette, suzette, tet, frett, fleurette, wet, burdette, vet, tibet, doucet, cassette, quintet, cossette, lucette, net, hett, brunette, gillette, willamette, jennette, manette, colette, brett, gwinnett, lisette, yevette, fret, bett, pierette, corvette, sobriquet, wilmette, fette, linette, burnett, nicolette, dorette, threat, ninette, set, pett, jette, garnette, nicolet, pipette, rhett, nanette, suffragette, beget, bonnette, wynette, minuet, laurette, olivette, payette, vignette, jet, idette, fayette, intermet, jeannette, jfet, boulet, josette, unset, tagamet, coronet, sextet, sarette, mette, preset, lurette, vedette, ret, bret, louisette, villette, cosette, clarette, octet, barbette, janette, juliette, irvette, kitchenette, lett, lafayette, diskette, georgette, get, marette, lorette, cadet, ornette, minette, stet, violette, beset, forget, joette, rillette, pirouette, ellette, upset, falconet, barnett, yvette, pret, luncheonette, junette, yet, sweat, viet, marquette, mariette, chevrette;
  2. arnett, abet, annett, anette, annette, arnette, arlette;
  3. baronet, anisette, bernadette, antoinette, calumet, clarinet, cigarette;
  4. cabriolet;

Translations for gazette:

Afrikaans word for Gazette


Arabic word for Gazette


Bengali word for Gazette


Chinese word for Gazette

> 报.

Dutch word for Gazette


French word for Gazette


Greek word for Gazette


Hindi word for Gazette


Italian word for Gazette


Japanese word for Gazette


Korean word for Gazette

신문의 명칭.

Malay word for Gazette


Marathi word for Gazette


Polish word for Gazette


Romanian word for Gazette


Russian word for Gazette


Spanish word for Gazette


Tamil word for Gazette


Turkish word for Gazette


Ukrainian word for Gazette


Vietnamese word for Gazette

sự bổ nhiệm.