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How To Spell gean?

Correct spelling: gean

Definition of gean:

  1. A sort of wild cherry.

List of misspellings for gean:

  • gsan,
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What does the abbreviation gean mean?


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Rhymes for gean:

  1. lien, cian, gene, greene, deane, breen, green, clean, preen, wien, keen, dean, spleen, mien, plein, lean, lene, bean, keene, wean, sheen, steen, meine, leen, jeanne, mclean, teen, deen, jeane, haen, jean, screen, frean, seen, wein, skene, glean, freen, kean, scene, nene, mean, treen, queen, keane;
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Translations for gean:

Afrikaans word for Gean

wild kerseboom.

Bengali word for Gean

ইউরোপীয় বুনো চেরি ফল.

Chinese word for Gean


French word for Gean


Marathi word for Gean


Russian word for Gean


Spanish word for Gean


Turkish word for Gean

yabani kiraz.

Ukrainian word for Gean