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Correct spelling: generosity


Definition of generosity:

  1. The quality of being generous; liberality; nobleness; magnanimity.

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Examples of usage for generosity:

  1. Rather they are leaders in war and adventure; the homage paid them is a personal devotion for personal character; the leader must win his followers by bravery, he must keep them by personal generosity.
  2. She forthwith expressed her admiration of Landis' noble generosity of spirit and purse.
  3. One day Dicky, with a sudden burst of generosity- for he had a button to his pocket- gave Mahommed Seti a handful of cigarettes.

Quotes for generosity:

  1. When they favor the access of other people to education and health care, the countries of the North not only demonstrate generosity or solidarity, but also implement the principles of respecting and promoting human rights. - Omar Bongo
  2. It takes generosity to discover the whole through others. If you realize you are only a violin, you can open yourself up to the world by playing your role in the concert. - Jacques Yves Cousteau
  3. Well, as an artist, I think that Elvis's generosity to me he always talked very highly about me, he always spoke very highly about my work and singing and my writing. - Jackie DeShannon
  4. I want to thank the Academy for its courage and generosity. - Elia Kazan
  5. It was not the part of His kindly love that he who was to praise God's divine generosity in regard to others should be compelled to condemn it in regard to himself. - Giovanni Pico della Mirandola
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