How To Spell gentle?

Correct spelling: gentle

What is the definition of gentle?

  1. easily handled or managed; "a gentle old horse, docile and obedient"

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What are the translations for gentle?

Afrikaans word for Gentle


Arabic word for Gentle


Chinese words for Gentle

柔和, 温润, 平和, 文质彬彬, 轻松, 夭, 柔曼, 温雅, 淑静, 雅静, 和缓, 文气, 顺和, 温婉.

Dutch words for Gentle

vriendelijk, zacht, teder, mak, zachtmoedig, voorzichtig, zachtaardig.

French words for Gentle

tendre, doux, gentil, paisible, noble, cordial, levé.

German words for Gentle

zart, sanft, freundlich, leicht, mild, sacht, edel, subtil, dezent, leise, vorsichtig, vornehm, schonend, sachte, behutsam, zahm, gelinde, milde, sanftmütig, gemächlich, faserschonend, gelind, schonungsvoll, lind.

Greek word for Gentle


Hindi word for Gentle


Italian word for Gentle


Japanese words for Gentle

やさしい, 優しい, 緩やか, ジェントル, やわらか, 温厚, 穏和, 温良, もの柔らか, 順良, 藹然, なごやか, 寛, やさしげ, ものやわらか, 傾らか, ゆう, 直々, じゅんりょう, 循良, おとなしやか, あえか, じゅうじゅん, 靄然, なおなお, しおらしい, やさ.

Javanese word for Gentle


Malay word for Gentle


Portuguese words for Gentle

macio, carinhoso, bom, bondoso, doce, compassivo, meigo, gentis, polido, amena.

Romanian word for Gentle


Russian words for Gentle

нежный, бережный, щадящий, кроткий.

Spanish words for Gentle

tierno, delicado, suave, amable, ligero, discreto, sutil, dulce, apacible, cuidadoso, gentiles, lento, moderado, manso, calmado, amables, cuidadosa.

Swedish word for Gentle


Turkish word for Gentle


Vietnamese word for Gentle

dịu dàng.