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Correct spelling: george

Definition of george:

  1. A figure of St. George on horseback, and the dragon, worn by knights of the Garter.

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What does the abbreviation george mean?

GEORGE abbreviation definitions:
–  Guided Education Optimistic Response Grade Entry
–  Global Environmental Organisation Regarding Greenhouse Emissions

George \ge(or)-ge\

George as a boy's name is pronounced jorj. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of George is "farmer". Saint George, a knight who became the patron saint of England, achieved legendary status through the medieval story of his struggle with a fire-breathing dragon, symbolic of the devil. George was a royal name in England, and in America, George Washington made it as popular. Giorgio (jee-OR-jee-oh) is an Italian form. Use of the Geordi variants may be influenced by the character Geordi LaForge on the TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation". See also Joren, Keoki, and Yuri. Singer George Michael; fashion designer Giorgio Armani; comedians George Burns, George Carlin; baseball legend George "Babe" Ruth; American Presidents George Prescott Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush; actor George Clooney.
Related names:
jordan, Juri.
jordan, Juri, Gerik, Gerek, Jorje.
Egor, Igor, Jerzy, Jorge, Jurgen, Yorick, Ygor, Jorgen, Yorik, Georg, Goran, Georas, Geordi, Geordie, Georges, Georgi, Georgie, Georgio, Georgios, Georgiy, Georgy, Gheorghe, Giorgi, Giorgio, Giorgios, Giorgius, Gyorgy, Gyuri, Jiri, Jorgan, Jurek, Jurik, Yurik.

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Quotes for george:

  1. In 1969, at the age of 19, I was lucky enough to work with George C. Scott in the definitive portrayal of his career over a period of many months and several countries on the definitive film version of Patton's WWII career.
  2. Al Gore clearly has the vision... it's a much better vision than that of George W. Bush.
  3. In George Bush you get experience, and with me you get- The Future!
  4. No, no, I never despair, because George Bush is not running the universe. He may be running the United States, he may be running the military, he may be running even the world, but he is not running the universe, he is not running the human heart.
  5. Of all the men that have run for president in the twentieth century, only George McGovern truly understood what a monument America could be to the human race.

Rhymes for george:

  1. forge, gorge, norge;
  2. disgorge, mcgeorge;