How To Spell gift?

Correct spelling: gift

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What does the abbreviation gift mean?


Gift as a boy's name.

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What are the rhymes for gift?

  1. miffed, sift, shift, lift, swift, shrift, clift, stiffed, thrift, sniffed, rift, tift, drift;
  2. adrift;

What are the translations for gift?

Afrikaans word for Gift


Arabic word for Gift


Bengali word for Gift


Chinese words for Gift

礼, 赠品, 赠礼, 馈赠, 天赋, 禀赋.

Dutch words for Gift

schenking, gave, presentje.

French words for Gift

don, cadeau, offrande, doté, présenté.

German words for Gift

Geschenk, Spende, Schenkung, Gabe, Begabung, Talent, Dom, Geschenkartikel, Festgabe, Angebinde, Gift.

Japanese words for Gift

贈り物, 頂き物, 贈物, 贈答品, 与え, 寄贈品, 景品, 使い物, 奉呈, もらいもの, あたえ, 贈呈品, 配り物, 礼物, たまもの, ほうそ, 進物, とうらいもの, 戴き物, 附屆, けいぶつ, 牲, ちょうだいもの, ひきでもの, 苞, くばりもの, けいひん, ほうてい, つけとどけ, つと, 遣い物, 捧呈, おくりもの, つかいもの, しんもつ, 頂戴物, 才, きそう.

Javanese word for Gift


Marathi word for Gift


Portuguese words for Gift

brinde, oferecimento, oferenda, dádiva, benesse.

Romanian word for Gift


Russian words for Gift

подарок, дар, подарочный, дарёный, сувенир.

Spanish words for Gift

oferta, dar, regalo, donar, talento, donativo, prenda, ofrenda, mimo, obsequio.

Swedish word for Gift


Tamil word for Gift


Turkish word for Gift


Ukrainian word for Gift