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How To Spell Gilead?

Correct spelling: Gilead

List of misspellings for Gilead:

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hump of a camel; monument, site of testimony
Gilead as a boy's name is a variant of Gilad (Arabic, Hebrew), and the meaning of Gilead is "hump of a camel; monument, site of testimony".

Related words for Gilead

Former Gilead Railroad Station


The Former Gilead Railroad Station is the oldest known railroad depot in the state of Maine, and the oldest known on the former Grand Trunk Railway.

Gilead J. Wilmot


Gilead J. Wilmot was a member of the Wisconsin State Senate. He attended Gouverneur Wesleyan Seminary in Gouverneur, New York. During the American Civil War, he was a captain with the 34th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment of the Union Army.

Mount Gilead Downtown Historic District


Mount Gilead Downtown Historic District is a national historic district located at Mount Gilead, Montgomery County, North Carolina. The district encompasses 25 contributing buildings in the central business district of Mount Gilead.

Mt. Gilead Baptist Church


Baptist church in the Green County, Kentucky

The Mt. Gilead Baptist Church, which has also been known as Mt. Gilead Christian Church, is a historic church in Haskingsville, Kentucky. It was built in 1864 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. It is a one-story brick church with brick laid in 1/5 American bond.

Zrubavel Gilad



Zrubavel Gilad was a Hebrew poet, editor and translator.

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Rhymes for Gilead:

  1. keyed, knead, weed, indeed, freed, fried, sneed, friede, misdeed, rashid, screed, tweed, shaheed, breed, mead, she'd, walid, bleed, deed, teed, leed, reid, read, reed, precede, impede, succeed, he'd, kneed, dede, need, brede, meade, creed, cede, recede, rasheed, plead, heed, skied, bead, supersede, snead, greed, lead, ede, we'd, misread, saeed, reread, feed, proceed, reseed, seed, mislead, steed, nead, hamid, lipide, fede, speed, stampede, secede, bede, wied, swede, waleed;
  2. agreed, degreed, exceed, elide, decreed, accede, concede;
  3. disagreed, aristide, guaranteed, intercede, overfeed;

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