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Correct spelling: give

Definition of give:

  1. Elasticity.
  2. To bestow; to grant without requiring a recompense; to deliver; to impart; to communicate; to pay; to yield; to quit; to grant; to expose; to allow; to permit; to afford; to furnish; to empower; to pay or render; to pronounce; to show; to emit; to apply; to admit. To give away, to transfer. To give back, to return. To give chase, to pursue. To give forth, to publish. To give the hand, to yield preeminence. To give in, to allow by way of abatement; to yield. To give over, to abandon; to believe to be lost. To give out, to utter publicly; to report; to exhibit in false appearance. To give up, to resign; to surrender; to relinquish. To give one's self up, to despair of one's recovery; to abandon. To give way, to yield; to recede.
  3. To yield to pressure; to begin to melt; to grow soft; to move; to recede. To give in, to go back. To give in to, to yield assent. To give off, to forbear. To give on, to rush. To give out, to proclaim. To give over, to cease; to act no more.

Common misspellings for give:

give, giveth, gaive, cive, givem.


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Rhymes for give:

  1. live, liv, sieve, ziv, viv;
  2. forgive, relive, outlive, misgive;