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How To Spell give?

Correct spelling: give

Definition of give:

  1. Elasticity.

List of misspellings for give:

  • gover,
  • grife,
  • givien,
  • geven,
  • igive,
  • geive,
  • gasve,
  • gaive,
  • jiven,
  • wgile,
  • giuve,
  • kihei,
  • geniva,
  • peive,
  • lgive,
  • igave,
  • gavwe,
  • gove,
  • givesa,
  • i''ve,
  • gtave,
  • higfh,
  • gorve,
  • lkive,
  • givethe,
  • ginue,
  • givs,
  • li've,
  • geveva,
  • goive,
  • givve,
  • i've,
  • guice,
  • vivie,
  • sirve,
  • gavem,
  • gire,
  • gifes,
  • cirve,
  • gavebo,
  • tivo,
  • greive,
  • ahve,
  • agove,
  • givee,
  • nive,
  • giref,
  • ive,
  • givn,
  • grive,
  • givena,
  • givne,
  • gikve,
  • giveawy,
  • giuven,
  • gide,
  • goinf,
  • khave,
  • negive,
  • agive,
  • genvea,
  • qive,
  • giv,
  • giveen,
  • gave,
  • givie,
  • gavie,
  • gize,
  • jhave,
  • beive,
  • yoiuve,
  • givethem,
  • iive,
  • gice,
  • givwn,
  • giveus,
  • gie,
  • givemy,
  • giveb,
  • gacve,
  • gieco,
  • yo've,
  • gioven,
  • guliver,
  • yu've,
  • givea,
  • aive,
  • beivie,
  • genieve,
  • giwe,
  • voive,
  • facve,
  • iv'e,
  • guive,
  • mvie,
  • giveth,
  • give,
  • givce,
  • giveway,
  • giive.

What does the abbreviation give mean?

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This graph shows how "give" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for give:

  1. live, liv, sieve, ziv, viv;
  2. forgive, relive, outlive, misgive;

Translations for give:

Afrikaans words for Give

GI, doen, ge, Gee, toewys, insak, laat hoor, lewer, meegee, oorgee, oorhandig, sedeer, skenk, skiet, slaak, toegee, toewens, verleen.

Albanian word for Give


Arabic word for Give


Bengali word for Give


Catalan words for Give

lliurar, oferir, ofrenar.

Chinese words for Give

予, 施, 提供, 发放, 给以, 赐给, 给与, 予以, 施与, 递交, 禀, 侅.

Czech word for Give


Danish word for Give


Dutch words for Give

maken, aangeven, opgeven, opvoeren, verlenen, houden, bezorgen, afgeven, veroorzaken, geven, bereiden, afnemen, berokkenen, aanrichten, verstrekken, aandoen, meegeven, bezwijken, doorbuigen, doorzakken, het begeven, zachter worden.

Finnish word for Give


French words for Give

passer, pousser, fournir, céder, remettre, accorder, concéder, apporter, offrir, transmettre, attraper, payer, flexibilité.

German words for Give

bieten, verschaffen, halten, erteilen, zuweisen, Nachgiebigkeit, applizieren, ergeben, aufgeben, nachgeben, spenden, vermitteln, bestellen, geben, abhalten, verleihen, verabreichen, hinreichen, schenken, verabfolgen, darreichen, pfeifen, federn, Donner, mitgeben, durchgeben.

Greek word for Give


Hindi word for Give


Italian word for Give


Japanese words for Give

くれる, くださる, ギブ, 下さる, 呉れてやる, くんろ, 呉れて遣る, 呉れる, くれてやる, 献げる.

Javanese word for Give


Korean word for Give

...에게 ...을 주다.

Malay word for Give


Marathi word for Give


Portuguese words for Give

passar, fornecer, trazer, apresentar, doar, presentear, dar a, oferecer.

Romanian word for Give

a da.

Spanish words for Give

pasar, presentar, dar, entregar, aportar, ofrecer, otorgar, realizar, alcanzar, proporcionar, proveer, prestar, transmitir, traer, obsequiar, alargar, regalar, donar, abastecer con.

Tamil word for Give


Turkish word for Give


Ukrainian word for Give


Vietnamese word for Give