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How To Spell glad?

Correct spelling: glad

What are the misspellings for glad ?

  • illaowd,
  • glas,
  • ghand,
  • giled,
  • cuald,
  • glasd,
  • calld,
  • goald,
  • clearde,
  • glaned,
  • gladlly,
  • gld,
  • alaud,
  • glaad,
  • cllaed,
  • guwlty,
  • girld,
  • cleard,
  • gliar,
  • keloid,
  • glueed,
  • goaled,
  • colardo,
  • glat,
  • glod,
  • guled,
  • lgad,
  • guad,
  • goand,
  • gladley,
  • aload,
  • gudd,
  • glased,
  • calzada,
  • glail,
  • oogled,
  • goalt,
  • glwo,
  • glead,
  • glarred,
  • elad,
  • guadio,
  • glad,
  • gllad,
  • colard,
  • calader,
  • glan,
  • gearld,
  • ghard,
  • glid,
  • gladely,
  • vlad,
  • girlsd,
  • gladd,
  • cladia,
  • guaid,
  • clild,
  • glyco,
  • glode,
  • gladto,
  • glam,
  • glaldy,
  • golod,
  • coloado,
  • ggod,
  • klled,
  • glassd,
  • glady,
  • valad,
  • glaired,
  • cladio,
  • glag,
  • flawd,
  • blad,
  • gluide,
  • glud,
  • goold,
  • clleard,
  • glidid,
  • ghandi,
  • geled,
  • cload,
  • claudy,
  • gladed,
  • calad,
  • claud,
  • clouady,
  • qulaty,
  • glader,
  • kaladi,
  • guady,
  • glazy,
  • gled,
  • slad,
  • cladd,
  • cluade,
  • geard,
  • glote,
  • golld,
  • clread.

What is the definition of glad?

  1. feeling happy appreciation; "glad of the fire's warmth"

What does the abbreviation glad mean?


Glad as a girl's name is a variant of Gladys (Welsh).

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This graph shows how "glad" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for glad?

  1. I was really glad to meet Jane Clark because it did give me an insight. I couldn't imagine what kind of woman she was. I was hugely impressed by her energy, straightforward nature and enthusiasm for life.
  2. Avant -garde music is sort of research music. You're glad someone's done it but you don't necessarily want to listen to it.
  3. I'm glad you're doing this story on us and not on the WNBA. We're so much prettier than all the other women in sports.
  4. I know a lot of people on the field- players, coaches, managers- are glad that I'm gone.
  5. I'm having the time of my life and I'm glad people are enjoy it.

What are the rhymes for glad?

  1. fad, mad, flad, add, dad, grad, bad, radde, hadd, shadd, scad, tad, rad, gadd, tadd, madd, brad, pad, plaid, thad, clad, sad, nad, had, shad, lad, schad, khad, vlad, ladd, chadd, chad, cad, hlad, gad;
  2. riyadh, riyad, mossad, arvad;
  3. ciudad;

What are the translations for glad?

Afrikaans word for Glad


Arabic word for Glad


Dutch words for Glad

blij, glad, gelukkig, tevreden, verheugd.

French words for Glad

satisfait, content, heureux, ravi, contente.

German words for Glad

heiter, erfreut, froh, freudig.

Greek word for Glad


Italian word for Glad


Javanese word for Glad


Korean word for Glad


Malay word for Glad


Polish words for Glad

zadowolony, szczesliwy.

Portuguese words for Glad

satisfeito, felizes, alegres, grato, contentes, satisfeitos, encantados.

Romanian word for Glad


Russian word for Glad


Spanish words for Glad

contento, satisfecho, alegre, encantada, agradecido, encantado, feliz, felices, complacido.

Turkish word for Glad


Ukrainian word for Glad