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How To Spell globalization?

Correct spelling: globalization

List of misspellings for globalization:

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Center for China and Globalization


Think tank

The Center for China and Globalization is a leading Chinese independent think tank based in Beijing. It is dedicated to the study of Chinese public policy and globalization, and conducts research in a wide range of social science disciplines, including global migration, foreign relations, international talent development, foreign trade and investment, homegrown MNCs and global governance.



Studio album by Pitbull

Globalization is the eighth studio album by American rapper Pitbull. It was released on November 21, 2014 through Mr. 305, Polo Grounds Music, and RCA Records.

Globalization LP


International Forum on Globalization

Nonprofit organization

The No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization


Book by Wayne Ellwood

The No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization is a book by Wayne Ellwood, an editor for the New Internationalist. It was first published in 2001 by Verso Books.

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Quotes for globalization:

  1. Accordingly, globalization is not only something that will concern and threaten us in the future, but something that is taking place in the present and to which we must first open our eyes.
  2. Globalization, as defined by rich people like us, is a very nice thing... you are talking about the Internet, you are talking about cell phones, you are talking about computers. This doesn't affect two -thirds of the people of the world.
  3. Lest those islands still seem to you too remote in space and time to be relevant to our modern societies, just think about the risks... of our increasing globalization and increasing worldwide economic interdependence.
  4. It is people who are the objects of globalization and at the same time its subjects. What also follows logically from this is that globalization is not a law of nature, but rather a process set in train by people.
  5. For when we talk about the spreading power and influence of globalization, aren't we really referring to the spreading economic and military might of the US?

Rhymes for globalization:

  1. recuperation, exfoliation, incarnation, coloration, protestation, saponification, reallocation, irradiation, harmonization, infestation, premeditation, cogitation, germination, immigration, refutation, anticipation, elimination, deification, reexamination, dramatization, domination, telecommunication, desiccation, pontification, documentation, appropriation, renovation, connotation, medication, ordination, insubordination, deprivation, disintegration, articulation, reconciliation, diversification, purification, coagulation, detonation, inclination, orchestration, appalachian, isolation, westernization, adaptation, notation, cancellation, conjugation, centralization, participation, ostentation, characterization, exhalation, pacification, procrastination, cooperation, misidentification, transplantation, gentrification, misinterpretation, congregation, dissipation, fermentation, exhilaration, concatenation, duration, consolation, rumination, dehydration, inundation, stabilization, hybridization, dissemination, reverberation, exoneration, examination, privation, depreciation, deflation, remediation, sedation, vulgarization, inflammation, legislation, devaluation, codification, deviation, correlation, usurpation, dissociation, compilation, optation, pronunciation, syndication, alleviation, plantation, desecration, exploration, elevation, stalinization, intimation, denomination, qualification, pagination, criminalization, disputation, obfuscation, reorganization, legalization, lubrication, annexation, derivation, corporation, monopolization, dilation, calibration, stipulation, reunification, bifurcation, indexation, nonproliferation, evacuation, investigation, securitization, dilatation, dislocation, separation, excavation, simulation, recantation, excommunication, constellation, fertilization, perspiration, litigation, subsidization, explication, calculation, unionization, moderation, appellation, rehydration, amplification, admiration, facilitation, clarification, ionization, commercialization, decentralization, demarcation, fascination, dissertation, exaggeration, sanctification, disorientation, regimentation, expropriation, sensation, dispensation, electrification, fumigation, demoralization, implantation, deceleration, nitration, disorganization, inhabitation, application, simplification, vindication, procreation, embarkation, illumination, nomination, imagination, precipitation, presentation, magnetization, tabulation, prognostication, implication, desalination, miscommunication, depopulation, preoccupation, ratification, liberation, reformation, respiration, sanitation, specification, communication, maximization, echolocation, federation, advocation, celebration, intensification, reaffirmation, defamation, recalculation, miniaturization, animation, estimation, denationalization, vacation, divination, condensation, organisation, visitation, agglomeration, coronation, differentiation, rededication, menstruation, affiliation, incapacitation, elongation, amelioration, renunciation, imputation, adulation, importation, overvaluation, violation, domestication, invalidation, rationalization, representation, hallucination, categorization, determination, machination, modification, democratization, taxation, reparation, reputation, distillation, expatriation, stimulation, rotation, migration, gradation, installation, privatization, altercation, experimentation, recommendation, decoration, ligation, personification, fibrillation, culmination, revaluation, devastation, invitation, relation, commemoration, assassination, allegation, registration, continuation, indemnification, perforation, instrumentation, hyperinflation, hibernation, configuration, inspiration, inhalation, verification, reclassification, vibration, naturalization, perturbation, implementation, indentation, filtration, repatriation, transformation, starvation, location, misapplication, inflation, solicitation, substantiation, confabulation, flotation, miscalculation, destination, incrustation, liquidation, maturation, colonization, gestation, exhumation, appreciation, deliberation, formulation, mummification, authorization, hydrogenation, regulation, neutralization, alienation, impersonation, intimidation, multiplication, rehabilitation, origination, retaliation, gratification, pasteurization, agitation, disqualification, molestation, socialization, magnification, croatian, dedication, disinformation, corroboration, sterilization, collectivization, optimization, concentration, incubation, inoculation, manifestation, consecration, prostration, resuscitation, levitation, demonstration, insemination, negation, delegation, reinterpretation, damnation, immunization, normalization, intonation, oxidation, exhortation, reforestation, integration, confiscation, inactivation, nullification, eradication, masturbation, excitation, utilization, rejuvenation, irritation, quotation, aspiration, commendation, imitation, salvation, reincarnation, subordination, radiation, liberalization, recrimination, discrimination, malformation, condemnation, ventilation, palpitation, generalization, glorification, quantification, generation, cohabitation, decapitation, expectation, occupation, misrepresentation, speculation, undervaluation, gyration, reflation, repudiation, argumentation, consummation, confederation, improvisation, deportation, profanation, reconfiguration, disinclination, deregulation, triangulation, vocation, granulation, sedimentation, amalgamation, proclamation, reinvigoration, amortization, modernization, adjudication, accumulation, vegetation, expiration, pollination, edification, graduation, emulation, initiation, orientation, nondiscrimination, manipulation, misinformation, probation, creation, proration, revitalization, dalmatian, foundation, insinuation, education, subluxation, evaluation, infatuation, miseration, annihilation, emancipation, sarmatian, obligation, redecoration, reservation, collaboration, vaccination, emanation, observation, nucleation, inauguration, mobilization, hesitation, dictation, recitation, dehumanization, standardization, combination, consolidation, infiltration, instigation, certification, compensation, reaffiliation, reconfirmation, crustacean, segregation, ramification, christianization, communization, affrication, designation, ovation, exclamation, laceration, adoration, capitulation, preparation, illustration, identification, fluctuation, segmentation, vilification, industrialization, titillation, trepidation, realization, formation, contemplation, irrigation, demonization, validation, lactation, consideration, evocation, fragmentation, indoctrination, prefabrication, stagflation, summation, jubilation, justification, interpretation, libration, interrogation, renegotiation, delineation, stagnation, fortification, complication, variation, indignation, civilization, refrigeration, resignation, approximation, ejaculation, indication, consultation, privatisation, propagation, affirmation, coordination, insulation, narration, fixation, regeneration, reiteration, humiliation, disinflation, emigration, mechanization, duplication, disembarkation, aviation, gasification, mutation, desperation, demobilization, perpetuation, destabilization, negotiation, preservation, oscillation, equivocation, conglomeration, explanation, allocation, self-congratulation, meditation, association, approbation, reconsideration, personalization, constipation, polarization, oration, ossification, figuration, remuneration, gastrulation, overpopulation, provocation, marginalization, consternation, intoxication, sophistication, rectification, ornamentation, affectation, conversation, innovation, gravitation, conflagration, cremation, donation, augmentation, decertification, recertification, declaration, fluoridation, organization, hydration, foliation, popularization, mitigation, limitation, specialization, incarceration, detoxification, replication, population, exacerbation, hospitalization, avocation, arbitration, retardation, vacillation, predestination, discoloration, elaboration, exploitation, congratulation, impregnation, permutation, ministration, strangulation, recreation, balkanization, reauthorization, motivation, horatian, depredation, evaporation, falsification, translation, tribulation, conciliation, miscreation, termination, extrapolation, restoration, valuation, urbanization, transillumination, suburbanization, demodulation, toleration, incrimination, glaciation, exasperation, desolation, pigmentation, denunciation, degradation, convocation, conservation, computation, notification, nationalization, annotation, flirtation, mutilation, fabrication, incoordination, victimization, suffocation, escalation, punctuation, publication, mineralization, equalization, russification, classification, frustration, cultivation, amputation, discontinuation, sequestration, vaporization, backwardation, automation, operation, corp, revelation, contamination, habitation, modulation, localization, decontamination, unification, ovulation, desegregation, confirmation, equitation, relocation, authentication, enumeration, degeneration, visualization, saturation, invocation, depravation, reclamation, renomination, revocation, deforestation, desalinization, misappropriation, proliferation, temptation, elation, incorporation, politicization, incantation, aggravation, confrontation, information, pressurization, mediation, navigation, relaxation, deformation, assimilation, computerization, reevaluation, situation, extermination, alteration, transportation;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. castration, carnation, cetacean, cessation, alsatian, citation, causation;
  4. acclimation, abdication, abrogation, accusation, activation, aberration;
  5. abbreviation, accreditation, abomination, accommodation, acceleration;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for globalization:

Arabic word for Globalization


Bengali word for Globalization


Dutch words for Globalization

globalisering, mondialisering.

French word for Globalization


German word for Globalization


Italian words for Globalization

globalizzazione, mondializzazione.

Japanese word for Globalization


Malay word for Globalization


Polish word for Globalization


Portuguese word for Globalization


Romanian word for Globalization


Russian word for Globalization


Spanish word for Globalization


Tamil word for Globalization


Turkish word for Globalization


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