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How To Spell GLOCK?

Correct spelling: GLOCK

What are the misspellings for GLOCK ?

  • lgock,
  • golck,
  • glo9ck,
  • glokck,
  • GLOgK,
  • gliock,
  • glovk,
  • glo ck,
  • GLOkK,
  • gl0ock,
  • GLObK,
  • glkock,
  • gloci,
  • GLnCK,
  • glocdk,
  • gloick,
  • gloxck,
  • glocki,
  • glocik,
  • golock,
  • ghlock,
  • glovck,
  • goock,
  • gklock,
  • vglock,
  • gkock,
  • GL_CK,
  • GmOCK,
  • glpck,
  • gllock,
  • glcok,
  • hglock,
  • glocko,
  • glockj,
  • glolck,
  • gl0ck,
  • glocvk,
  • gplock,
  • glodck,
  • glowck,
  • GdOCK,
  • glopck,
  • glkck,
  • glocj,
  • gl9ck,
  • gloock,
  • gloxk,
  • glo0ck,
  • glodk,
  • GLgCK,
  • gl9ock,
  • gloc k,
  • glockk,
  • gloclk,
  • glocck,
  • gpock,
  • glofck,
  • glocl,
  • yglock,
  • glocfk,
  • glockl,
  • gylock,
  • GLmCK,
  • gtlock,
  • glocxk,
  • glocmk,
  • glocjk,
  • glpock,
  • gglock,
  • gllck,
  • g lock,
  • gl ock,
  • gvlock,
  • GLOsK,
  • ylock.

What does the abbreviation GLOCK mean?

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This graph shows how "GLOCK" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for GLOCK?

  1. The man's eyes fixed on Cade's Glock and he said nothing, but as bits of debris pelted down on the street outside the window, he stood quickly on shaky legs and tried to comply. – An Encounter in Atlanta by Ed Howdershelt
  2. Cade put his Glock back in its shoulder holster under his field jacket and looked around again. – An Encounter in Atlanta by Ed Howdershelt
  3. He sat at the desk in his fourth- floor room and studied each picture in turn as he cleaned his Glock and replaced the rounds he'd fired, then he chose three of the best pictures to print. – An Encounter in Atlanta by Ed Howdershelt

What are the rhymes for GLOCK?

  1. flock, hock, jacques, bok, doc, pock, hoc, mach, broc, boch, chalk, schlock, kroc, och, stock, rock, vlok, shock, roc, frock, jock, block, krock, chock, brok, brock, poch, bach, bock, floc, roch, croc, sock, kloc, caulk, sok, knock, hoch, kok, loch, mok, locke, nock, wok, lock, bloch, smock, blok, mock, crock, bloc, haak, lok, chok, clock, dock, spock, walk, tock;
  2. iraq, bangkok, unlock, isaak, undock, restock, o'clock;
  3. overstock, antiknock, interlock;

What are the translations for GLOCK?

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