How To Spell gloomy?

Correct spelling: gloomy

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What are the usage examples for gloomy?

  1. She disappeared into a gloomy region at the back of the shop, and was lost to sight for a minute or two. – A Vanished Hand by Sarah Doudney
  2. Towards the farther end a gloomy little cottage frowned upon the road. – The Sins of Séverac Bablon by Sax Rohmer
  3. He accepted it with a sort of gloomy satisfaction. – Jane Lends A Hand by Shirley Watkins

What are the rhymes for gloomy?

  1. fumi, roomy;

What are the translations for gloomy?

Chinese word for Gloomy


Dutch word for Gloomy


French words for Gloomy

morose, sombre, sombres, lugubre, triste, maussade, gris, morne, glauque, moroses, pessimiste, assombri.

German words for Gloomy

negativ, trist, unheimlich, schlecht, dunkel, dumpf, traurig, schaurig, düster, finster, hoffnungslos, trostlos, trübsinnig, pessimistisch, deprimierend, unfroh, trübselig, bedrückend, schwarzseherisch, bedrückt.

Greek word for Gloomy


Japanese words for Gloomy

暗い, 重苦しい, 黯然, 鬱鬱, くしゃくしゃ, じめじめ, 暗然, うすぐらい, 陰気臭い, ねくら, しめっぽい, 鬱々, あんあんり, 暗たん, 鬱屈, ほの暗い, いんきくさい, おもくるしい, しょぼい, けんあく, 険悪, 仄暗い, うっくつ, 根暗, むずかしい, 灰暗い, 暗暗裏, もやもや, 湿っぽい, 六借しい, 六ヶ敷い, あんたん, 陰々滅々, うつうつ, 闇然.

Javanese word for Gloomy


Malay word for Gloomy


Polish word for Gloomy


Portuguese words for Gloomy

escuro, sinistro, soturno, cinzenta, cinzentos, sepulcral, fúnebre.

Romanian word for Gloomy


Russian words for Gloomy

мрачный, пасмурный, угрюмый, удручающий, беспросветный.

Spanish words for Gloomy

tristes, sombrío, oscuro, deprimente, adverso, negativo, pesimista, tenebroso, encapotado, melancólico, bajo de moral, plomizo, desconsolador.

Turkish word for Gloomy


Vietnamese word for Gloomy

u ám.