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How To Spell goatee?

Correct spelling: goatee

What are the misspellings for goatee ?

  • goliate,
  • thogeter,
  • gertie,
  • togete,
  • guantee,
  • locatee,
  • guartee,
  • goateee,
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  • kuate.

What is the definition of goatee?

  1. a small chin beard trimmed into a point; named for its resemblance to a goat's beard

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What are the usage examples for goatee?

  1. The stranger's hair, as well as his moustache and goatee were bushy, and sprinkled with gray; and he had a rather peculiar pair of eyes, which he used to such an advantage that he seemed to remark everything in the room at a single glance. – The Mystery of the Locks by Edgar Watson Howe
  2. Mr. Luther Barr's black suit hung on him as baggily as the garments of a cornfield scarecrow and Mr. Luther Barr's sharp features were not improved by a small growth of gray hair; of the kind known as a " goatee that sprouted from his lower rip. – The Boy Aviators in Africa by Captain Wilbur Lawton
  3. The women's hair is dressed in this fashionable way or that; the men's beards are cut in conformity to the fashion or the personal preference in side whiskers or mustache or imperial or goatee and their bronze or marble faces convey the contemporary character of aristocrat or bourgeois or politician or professional. – Roman Holidays and Others by W. D. Howells

What are the rhymes for goatee?

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