How To Spell good?

Correct spelling: good

What is the definition of good?

  1. Best.

What does the abbreviation good mean?

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What are the rhymes for good?

  1. should, would, hood, you'd, goode, stood, wood, could;
  2. withstood;
  3. understood;
  4. misunderstood;

What are the translations for good?

Chinese words for Good

好, 良好, 好的, 良好的, 佳, 美, 很好, 不错, 良善, 利好, 不赖.

Dutch words for Good

lief, mooi, leuk, fijn, lekker, goed, braaf.

French words for Good

correct, voulu, excellent, convenable, bien, fiable, pertinent, utile, beau, droit, sain, gentil, valable, favorable, bienveillant, exemplaires, respectable, de bonne qualité, recommandée.

German words for Good

Gut, Bon, günstig, solide, lieb, triftig, brav, ideal, optimal, Wohlergehen, Gute, zuträglich, artig, Säge, Heil.

Japanese words for Good

ため, グッド, 良き, 為, よき, 善い, 善き, 好い, かりょう, りょう, えき, りこう, 佳き, お利巧, 為め, 碌, 俐巧, お悧巧, 爲, ぜん, やく, 利巧, 御利口, 裨益, 悧巧, 佳良, グー, おりこう.

Polish words for Good

dobry, sprawny, spoko, zacny, pozytywny.

Portuguese words for Good

bem, adequado, correto, bom, bondoso, eficaz, direito, certo, mercadoria, interessante, vantajoso, de qualidade, benéfico, favorável, benéfica, satisfatórios.

Russian words for Good

хорошо, добро, благой.

Spanish words for Good

correcto, adecuado, apropiado, justo, bueno, buen, excelente, positivo, generoso, fértil.