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How To Spell grace?

Correct spelling: grace

Definition of grace:

  1. be beautiful to look at; "Flowers adorned the tables everywhere"

List of misspellings for grace:

  • garare,
  • gace,
  • graco,
  • garae,
  • grarge,
  • reace,
  • gracia,
  • grece,
  • frace,
  • grce,
  • gracien,
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What does the abbreviation grace mean?


favor; blessing
Grace as a girl's name is pronounced grayce. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Grace is "favor; blessing". A virtue name referring to God's grace. Greek mythology: the Three Graces were goddesses of nature: Aglaia (brillance), Thalia (flowering), and Euphrosyne (joy). Actress and princess Grace Kelly; singer Grace Jones; choreographer Graciela Daniele.
  • Kris,
  • Crecia,
  • Cris,
  • Karas,
  • Krisi,
  • Krisy.
  • Engracia,
  • Eugracia,
  • Grayce,
  • Gracia,
  • Gracee,
  • Gracella,
  • Gracelynn,
  • Gracelynne,
  • Gracey,
  • Graciana,
  • Gracie,
  • Graciela,
  • Graciella,
  • Gracielle,
  • Gracija,
  • Gracina,
  • gracious,
  • Grata,
  • Gratia,
  • Gratiana,
  • Gratiela,
  • Gratiella,
  • Grazia,
  • Graziella,
  • Grazina,
  • Graziosa,
  • Grazyna.

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Grace McDaniels was a freak show star known as the "Mule-Faced Woman" due to a severe facial deformity known as Sturge-Weber syndrome. She joined Harry Lewiston's Traveling Circus, where she was paid $175 per week.

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Quotes for grace:

  1. For even these are no less bestowed on him of pure grace, than are righteousness and salvation themselves.
  2. Grace must find expression in life, otherwise it is not grace.
  3. Courage and grace are a formidable mixture. The only place to see it is in the bullring.
  4. There, but for the grace of God, goes God.
  5. Illness has always brought me nearer to a state of grace.

Rhymes for grace:

  1. pace, caisse, retrace, encase, base, trace, wace, nace, heyse, face, thrace, embrace, erase, replace, race, ace, cayce, bass, chace, vase, mace, lambastes, place, incase, glace, lace, space, dace, chase, brace, case, misplace;
  2. apace, abase, debase, disgrace, deface, displace, efface;
  3. interlace;

Translations for grace:

Afrikaans word for Grace


Chinese words for Grace

恩典, 风度, 风致, 风韵.

Dutch words for Grace

genade, gratie, sierlijkheid, elegantie, clementie, dankgebed.

German words for Grace

Anstand, Charme, Verzierung, Gunst, Gnade, Anmut, Huld, Grazie, Liebreiz, Tischgebet, Ornament.

Japanese words for Grace

グレイス, 品位, 寵幸, おんちょう.

Polish words for Grace

łaska, wdzięk, gracja.

Russian words for Grace

благодать, милость, изящество, грация, грациозность, светлость.

Spanish words for Grace

amabilidad, delicadeza, adornar, gracia, elegancia, cortesía, honrar, gentileza.