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How To Spell grade?

Correct spelling: grade

List of misspellings for grade:

  • grait,
  • gradua,
  • grane,
  • graat,
  • gruard,
  • granade,
  • guaratee,
  • radeo,
  • jeporady,
  • grede,
  • graades,
  • grawer,
  • cradit,
  • gretare,
  • graduele,
  • graitude,
  • gradn,
  • gratidue,
  • gaide,
  • garare,
  • pgrade,
  • garabe,
  • gradeing,
  • greeed,
  • gutare,
  • gerrard,
  • rade,
  • gramme,
  • guyde,
  • uograde,
  • grabed,
  • grred,
  • jrdan,
  • graeat,
  • garutee,
  • geritage,
  • gerad,
  • genrate,
  • grarge,
  • graudual,
  • grugde,
  • gradon,
  • gradse,
  • garnared,
  • tagrte,
  • gerage,
  • guarde,
  • garae,
  • graid,
  • grete,
  • gurad,
  • grasde,
  • fruade,
  • gauratee,
  • gread,
  • fraude,
  • begrude,
  • grame,
  • gereate,
  • graduete,
  • gruad,
  • chrade,
  • grabt,
  • gredy,
  • griddy,
  • degrate,
  • quade,
  • agrat,
  • gride,
  • graite,
  • gramd,
  • grade2,
  • greeet,
  • agread,
  • quadere,
  • greaat,
  • growd,
  • grade1,
  • greait,
  • gade,
  • garatee,
  • grce,
  • gradure,
  • gerater,
  • gradiose,
  • greaten,
  • corad,
  • jeoprady,
  • cradel,
  • guratee,
  • graden,
  • gtrade,
  • graght,
  • varadi,
  • murader,
  • garet,
  • grden,
  • groud,
  • grae,
  • mirade.

What does the abbreviation grade mean?


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Fairfield-Liverpool Grade Cricket Club


Fairfield-Liverpool Grade Cricket Club is a cricket club on in Fairfield, New South Wales and Liverpool, New South Wales Australia. Nicknamed the Lions. The most notable current players are former Australian bowler Doug Bollinger and NSW players Grant Lambert and Ben Rohrer. Pat Richards rugby league footballer for Parramatta Eels, Wests Tigers and Wigan Warriors is a former player.

Grade Automobilwerke


Automobile company

Grade Automobilwerke AG was an automobile manufacturing company established by the German aviation pioneer Hans Grade in 1921 and was closed in the late 1920s.

Grade Lutter


River in Germany

The Grade Lutter is one of the two headstreams of the River Lutter in the South Harz. It rises at over 660 metres on the Aschentalshalbe.

The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: The Secret of the Living Volcano


Computer game

The ClueFinders 5th grade Adventures: Secret of the Living Volcano is a computer game in The Learning Company's ClueFinders series of educational software.

White Bird Grade



White Bird Grade is a winding stretch of what was U.S. Highway 95, and is now Old Highway 95, near White Bird, Idaho. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as an engineering accomplishment, a "marvel" which was an achievement of the early "good roads" movement.

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Quotes for grade:

  1. I was involved with drama departments since the 5th grade. I played at it. It was an escape.
  2. I taught sixth grade for three and a half years.
  3. That's what's so great about my job. I get paid to do what got me in trouble in grade school space out and play with my imaginary friends. In terms of Isaac, when the time's right.
  4. I'd love to go back and teach primary school. I used to teach fourth grade and fifth grade. I'd love to spend several years teaching kindergarten or maybe third grade.
  5. It's like first grade where you make all your mistakes and people see it and yet some people see that there's something there that's really valuable. That's the way it went for more than 2 years almost 3 years of playing.

Translations for grade:

Chinese words for Grade

职等, 级别, 分级, 评分, 职系, 考分, 标号.

Dutch words for Grade

rangschikken, cijfer, sorteren, graad.

French words for Grade

noter, classer, palier, échelon, classe, niveler, classement, qualité, pente, teneur, calibré.

German words for Grade

bewerten, Note, Anstieg, Steigung, Rang, klassifizieren, einteilen, Niveau, Stufe, Grad, planieren, Rangstufe, Sorte, staffeln, einstufen, benoten, Klasse, sortieren, Zensur, Schulnote, zensieren, Dienstgrad, abstufen, grau, Nuance, Stufen, Grade, werten, einsortieren, Festigkeitsklasse, Handelsklasse, Anspruchsklasse, Gütestufe, Gon.

Japanese words for Grade

グレード, 等級, 勾配, とうをわける, ひょうてい, 等を分ける.

Polish words for Grade

gatunek, ranga, szczebel, kategoria, gradacja, klasa.

Portuguese words for Grade

série, degrau.

Russian words for Grade

класс, оценка, ступень, градусный.

Spanish words for Grade

nota, tipo, calificar, clasificar, considerar, evaluar, pendiente, curso, calidad, año, corregir, clase, grado, valorar, categoría, calibre, graduar, degradar.