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English is influenced by nearly every major language, so it is not surprising that English grammar has its quirks. Bad grammar can make a document almost impossible to understand and can detract from the writer's credibility.

In such a social world, good grammar is essential, as anyone who has read and reread a poorly written cell phone message will agree. A midterm paper with poor grammar is difficult to read, and errors are distracting to all but the most benevolent to teachers; even a well-researched paper with excellent facts is not likely to receive an 'A'. In a job resumé, bad grammar will make an applicant sound uneducated, and few hiring agents will waste time trying to comprehend it, even if the applicant's list of qualifications is impressive.

A grammar check software not only corrects unknown errors. It can allow a writer to get ideas quickly onto paper without having to stress over details; this is especially useful for younger students, people who find it difficult to focus, and those with learning disabilities.

The grammar checker is free and easy to use. Copy and paste a piece of text into the main box and click the 'check grammar' button in the lower left corner. A pop-up will appear, and errors with be highlighted in red. Farther down, the checker will explain the error, and it will offer solutions in the form of a list with radial selection buttons. The most likely resolution will be at the top and already selected. Choose the preferred fix, then click 'change to'.

To modify the checker, the options 'ignore' and 'ignore problem' are also included. When all errors have been fixed, click 'finish checking' to close the pop-up; the original text will be modified with the user's chosen corrections and is ready to copy.