How To Spell grant?

Correct spelling: grant

What is the definition of grant?

  1. let have; "grant permission"; "Mandela was allowed few visitors in prison"


tall, big
Grant as a boy's name is pronounced grant. It is of English and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Grant is "tall, big". A Scottish name. American President Ulysses S. Grant; painter Grant Wood; actor Hugh Grant.

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What are the rhymes for grant?

  1. trant, scant, cant, pant, aunt, tant, slant, quant, lant, plante, gantt, stant, brandt, can't, rant, gant, fant, kant, plant, brant, chant, ant, zant;
  2. pedant, levant, recant, implant, decant, supplant, enchant, transplant, replant;
  3. disenchant;

What are the translations for grant?

Afrikaans word for Grant


Chinese words for Grant

授予, 给予, 准许, 授与, 赐, 发给, 赠予, 锡, 赐予, 赠与.

Dutch words for Grant

steun, bijstand, subsidie, beurs, schenking, toelage, verlening, donatie.

French words for Grant

contribution, céder, attribuer, allouer, bourse, allocation, indemnité, accorder, octroyer, concéder, admettre, concession, aide, octroi, montante.

German words for Grant

erteilen, bewilligen, Beihilfe, gewähren, genehmigen, zugestehen, Stipendium, Zuschuss, Bewilligung, Zuwendung, geben, einräumen, gestatten, billigen, stattgeben, zugeben, vergönnen, erhören, Finanzhilfe, Subvention, Zustupf, Ausbildungsförderung, prima, Donner, Gift.

Italian words for Grant

rilascio, concessione, contributo, sovvenzione, assegnazione, assegno, sussidio, borsa di studio.

Japanese words for Grant

付与, グラント, 下付, しきゅう, たまう, 仮す, さずける, 聞き届ける, きゅうよ, 下賜, かふ, こうふきん, 授ける, かし, 聞届ける, ききとどける.

Polish words for Grant

stypendium, dofinansowanie, dotacja, grant, subwencja, darowizna.

Portuguese words for Grant

satisfazer, verba, atribuir a, atender a, financiamento, subsídio, outorgar a, permitir a, anuir, dotar de, aquiescer a, doar a, consentir com, facultar a, dotar com, ceder a, assentir, subvenção, outorga, dotação, doação, patrocínio.

Russian words for Grant

грант, субсидия, дотация, безвозмездная ссуда.

Spanish words for Grant

permitir, dar, subsidio, beca, otorgar, reconocer, ayuda, admitir, transferir, adjudicar, autorizar, recurso, conferir, subvención, aceitar, donativo, bolsa, otorgamiento, adjudicación, ayuda económica.