How To Spell greed?

Correct spelling: greed

What is the definition of greed?

  1. Greedily.

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What are the rhymes for greed?

  1. bead, ede, reid, knead, leed, misread, feed, freed, speed, mislead, lead, supersede, deed, brede, teed, keyed, seed, steed, secede, impede, read, meade, rasheed, indeed, screed, bede, nead, recede, weed, plead, snead, dede, hamid, succeed, creed, saeed, waleed, reseed, reread, friede, cede, walid, breed, kneed, heed, he'd, mead, tweed, skied, rashid, precede, reed, proceed, fede, wied, misdeed, swede, she'd, we'd, shaheed, fried, lipide, sneed, bleed, need, stampede;
  2. decreed, elide, accede, agreed, concede, gilead, degreed, exceed;
  3. intercede, aristide, disagreed, overfeed, guaranteed;

What are the translations for greed?

Dutch words for Greed

hebzucht, gulzigheid, hebberigheid, inhaligheid.

French words for Greed

convoitise, cupidité, gourmandise, avidité, rapacité, avarice, appât du gain, voracité, gloutonnerie, course aux profits.

German words for Greed

Gier, Geiz, Habgier, Habsucht, Besitzgier, Raffgier.

Japanese words for Greed

貪欲, 強欲, 助兵衛根性, 物欲, 欲張り, よくばり, 欲心, 助平根性, 乞食根性, りよく, とんよく, 欲深, すけべいこんじょう, どうよく, 欲ばり, どんらん, あこぎ, 胴欲, どんよく, 貪婪, たんお, 阿漕, よくふか, 貪焚, たんらん, ぶつよく, 利欲, よくしん, 貪慾, すけべえこんじょう, ごうよく, 胴慾, よくぶか, 強慾, 物慾, 阿漕ぎ.

Portuguese words for Greed

ganância, cobiça, avareza, cupidez, egoísmo, voracidade, voragem.

Spanish words for Greed

codicia, avaricia, avidez, voracidad, glotonería, afán de lucro, gula.