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Spell Check of greenery

Correct spelling: greenery

Definition of greenery:

green foliage

Common misspellings:

  • greenary (71%)
  • greenry (15%)
  • grennery (6%)
  • greeneries (6%)
  • seenery (3%)

Examples of usage:

1) Then the place was so wonderful, the white cliffs cutting out sheer and sharp into the sea, their huge folds filled with every sort of greenery- masses of shrubby trees, masses of ferns, masses of wild- flowers.

2) The object of carrying in the May was to bring the very spirit of life and greenery into the village.

3) Sometimes the tree itself, as in Russia, is dressed up in woman's clothes; more often a real man or maid, covered with flowers and greenery, walks with the tree or carries the bough.

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