How To Spell grief?

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What are the rhymes for grief?

  1. thief, chief, lief, naef, keeffe, reef, brief, leif, beef, keefe, sheaf, rief, reif, leaf, fief, seif, neef;
  2. sharif, o'keeffe, saif, massif, relief, motif, debrief, matif, belief, o'keefe;
  3. disbelief;

What are the translations for grief?

Dutch words for Grief

verdriet, droefheid, rouw, kwelling, treurnis.

French words for Grief

peine, douleur, chagrin, tristesse, deuil, souffrance, affliction.

German words for Grief

Leid, smart, weh, Kummer, Trauer, Schmerz, Gram, Trübseligkeit, tiefe Trauer, Harm, Dolor.

Japanese words for Grief

悲しみ, 悲嘆, 悲哀, 哀愁, ひあい, うれいごと, ひしゅう, 嘆息, ひしょう, あいせき, たん, 悲痛, 憂い事, 愛しみ, かなしみ, 愁え, しゅうしょう, あいこく, 哀哭, 哀れ, 憫れ, 愁い, 憂目, 愁傷, 悲愁, 悲傷, 悲しさ, いたみ, しょうしん, ゆうせき, あいしょう, うきめ, 悲歎, つうたん, なげき, 憂事.

Portuguese words for Grief

dor, angústia, sofrimento, desgosto, desconsolo.

Russian words for Grief

горе, скорбь, огорчение.

Spanish words for Grief

pesar, sufrimiento, pena, aflicción, tristeza, duelo, padecimiento, luto, amargura, congoja, condolencia, desconsuelo.