How To Spell group?

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What are the rhymes for group?

  1. coupe, loop, houp, whoop, troupe, stoup, drupe, soup, croup, swoope, loupe, doupe, shoop, roop, stoop, troop, boop, coop, hoop, koop, scoop, goop, snoop, dupe, lupe, swoop, loup, sloop, droop;
  2. regroup, recoup, arup;
  3. guadeloupe, guadalupe;

What are the translations for group?

Afrikaans words for Group

groep, groepeer, hoop, klomp, party, span, groepering.

Albanian word for Group


Catalan word for Group


Chinese words for Group

本集团, 一家, 群体, 大队, 派别.

Dutch words for Group

formatie, fractie, groeperen, indelen, poule, zich groeperen, ordenen, gezelschap, rangschikken, verzameling, collectief, classificeren.

French words for Group

groupe, rassembler, grouper, association, catégorie, tas, cercle, troupe.

German words for Group

Band, Gruppe, gruppieren, sich gruppieren, Bereich, Konzern, Clique, Kollegium, Gruppierung, Vereinigung, Verband, Verbund, Herde, Ensemble, Bande, Pulk, Schule, Geschwader, in Gruppen einteilen.

Italian words for Group

gruppo, insieme.

Japanese words for Group

集団, 群, 部門, 班, 集団的, 系, なかま, しゅうだん, ぶもん, 団子, 部類, ざ, 嗹, しゅうだんてき, ぶるい, ぐん, 輩, だんご, 叢がり.

Papiamento word for Group


Polish words for Group

formacja, ugrupowanie.

Portuguese words for Group

bando, cenáculo.

Russian word for Group


Spanish words for Group

agruparse, conjunto, reunirse, familia, equipo, unirse, juntar, colectivo, banda, categoría, cuadrilla, conjunto musical, grupa.

Swedish word for Group


Thai words for Group

ก๊ก, กงสี, กอง, พวก.