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How To Spell hall?

Correct spelling: hall

Definition of hall:

  1. a large building for meetings or entertainment

List of misspellings for hall:

  • helld,
  • hollar,
  • uhall,
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What does the abbreviation hall mean?


worker at the hall
Hall as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Hall is "worker at the hall". Occupational name. The hall would be a large hall or manor. Musician Darryl Hall.

Related words for hall

Citibank Hall


Music venue

Citibank Hall is a music theatre in the Santo Amaro neighbourhood, city of São Paulo, Brazil. It opened in January 2000, with capacity for 7,000 people.

DeAngelo Hall


Football cornerback

DeAngelo Eugene Hall is an American football defensive back who is currently a free agent. He played college football for Virginia Tech, and was drafted as a cornerback with the eighth overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons.

The Hall School, Hampstead


Independent school in Hampstead, England

The Hall School is an independent boys' preparatory school in Belsize Park, Hampstead, London, currently teaching boys from age 4 to age 13.

Todrick Hall


American singer

Todrick Hall is an American singer, actor, dancer, director, drag queen, choreographer, songwriter and YouTuber. He first gained attention on the ninth season of American Idol, where he made it to the semi-finals.

Wes Hall


Barbadian cricketer

Sir Wesley Winfield Hall is a Barbadian former cricketer and politician. A tall, strong and powerfully built man, Hall was a genuine fast bowler and despite his very long run up, he was renowned for his ability to bowl long spells.

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Rhymes for hall:

  1. mol, wall, crawl, all, krol, aul, haul, pol, paule, sprawl, scrawl, lall, maul, awl, squall, gall, drawl, spall, sall, paul, shaul, wal, dall, raul, thall, faul, shawl, bawl, call, rawl, stall, gaul, brawl, maule, small, thrall, nall, ball, tall, mall, saul;
  2. forestall, enthral, appall, mccall, metall, install, nepal, antol, befall, withal, recall;
  3. senegal, luminol, montreal;

Translations for hall:

Arabic word for Hall


Dutch words for Hall

zaal, hal, hol.

French words for Hall

salle, couloir, corridor, vestibule, Bâle.

German words for Hall

Gang, Korridor, Salon, Hall, Saal.

Greek word for Hall


Hindi word for Hall


Italian words for Hall

salone, corridoio.

Japanese word for Hall


Javanese word for Hall


Korean word for Hall


Marathi word for Hall


Norwegian word for Hall


Polish words for Hall

hala, korytarz.

Portuguese words for Hall

ingresso, salão, auditório, vestíbulo.

Russian word for Hall

большое помещение.

Spanish words for Hall

nave, corredor, sala, aula, zaguán, recibidor, paraninfo, antesala.

Swedish word for Hall


Tamil word for Hall


Ukrainian word for Hall


Vietnamese word for Hall

đại sảnh.