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Correct spelling: hall

Definition of hall:

  1. A large room at the entrance of a house; an ediflce in which courts of justice are held; a manor- house, so called because courts were formerly held in them; a college; the ediflce of a college; a room for a corporation or public assembly; a placo to dine in in common.

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What does the abbreviation hall mean?

HALL abbreviation definitions:
–  Hampton Alliance for Lifelong Learning
–  Lalibella, Lalibela, Ethiopia

Hall \ha-ll\

worker at the hall
Hall as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Hall is "worker at the hall". Occupational name. The hall would be a large hall or manor. Musician Darryl Hall.
Hal, hale, Hali, halle, hill.

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