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How To Spell halloween?

Correct spelling: halloween

Definition of halloween:

  1. The eve of All-Hallows.

List of misspellings for halloween:

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Quotes for halloween:

  1. The first horror film I remember seeing in the theatre was Halloween and from the first scene when the kid puts on the mask and it is his POV, I was hooked.
  2. When I was a kid I got busted for throwing a rock through a car window and egging a house on halloween.
  3. One of the things I like best about the Halloween show is that I change outfits about six times in the show. It is a lot of fun to play the different characters.
  4. This Halloween, the most popular mask is the Arnold Schwarzenegger mask. And the best part? With a mouth full of candy you will sound just like him.
  5. They did that little thing on South Park, and they mentioned my name and had a character of me judging a Halloween contest. It was really funny. That made me the coolest aunt on earth.

Rhymes for halloween:

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