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How To Spell hallucination?

Correct spelling: hallucination

Definition of hallucination:

  1. a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea; "he has delusions of competence"; "his dreams of vast wealth are a hallucination"

List of misspellings for hallucination:

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Brett Whiteley


Australian artist

Brett Whiteley AO was an Australian artist. He is represented in the collections of all the large Australian galleries, and was twice winner of the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes.

Hallucination Recordings


Record label

Hallucination Recordings is a record label that was originally co-founded by Monk and David Christophere as a platform to release their music as Rabbit in the Moon.

Hallucination Strip


1975 film

Hallucination Strip is an Italian 1975 poliziottesco film directed by Lucio Marcaccini at his first and only film. Singer Sammy Barbot appeared in the film and performed the film's opening song "We've Got A Lord".

Requiem: A Hallucination


Novel by Antonio Tabucchi

Requiem: A Hallucination is a 1991 novel by the Italian writer Antonio Tabucchi. Set in Lisbon, the narrative centres on an Italian author who meets the spirit of a dead Portuguese poet. Tabucchi wrote the book in Portuguese. Alain Tanner directed a 1998 film adaptation, also called Requiem.

The Pillbugs


Pop group

The Pillbugs are an American power pop/Psychedelic pop group that emerged on the indie music scene in the late 1990s. Based in Toledo, Ohio, the band consisted of Mark Mikel, David Murnen, Mark Kelley, Scott Tabner, Dan Chalmers.

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Quotes for hallucination:

  1. I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination.
  2. Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts.
  3. I'm not completely sure we aren't all living in a hallucination now.
  4. A hallucination is a fact, not an error; what is erroneous is a judgment based upon it.
  5. If you understand hallucination and illusion, you don't blindly follow any leader. You must know if the person is sane or insane, over the abyss.

Rhymes for hallucination:

  1. conflagration, notation, demarcation, annotation, exhortation, incrustation, suburbanization, privatisation, elevation, probation, neutralization, application, recreation, explication, reverberation, moderation, fabrication, inspiration, renomination, desalination, misinterpretation, overvaluation, confirmation, oxidation, animation, invalidation, reincarnation, validation, redecoration, disorientation, nomination, deportation, commemoration, magnification, insubordination, investigation, approbation, oscillation, prostration, cohabitation, reallocation, medication, occupation, commercialization, mitigation, communication, innovation, assassination, ovulation, codification, suffocation, delineation, dispensation, discoloration, granulation, extrapolation, lubrication, hospitalization, retaliation, manifestation, rehydration, elimination, generation, computation, levitation, legalization, limitation, insinuation, saponification, precipitation, transportation, disinclination, pronunciation, politicization, demonstration, escalation, rededication, multiplication, motivation, dilation, proration, reflation, certification, regeneration, desalinization, orchestration, deflation, anticipation, stabilization, liberation, emigration, sensation, relocation, fluctuation, sarmatian, amplification, jubilation, relaxation, integration, gasification, mummification, evacuation, convocation, separation, devastation, combination, profanation, stagflation, depreciation, liberalization, verification, aggravation, disputation, regulation, admiration, corroboration, deliberation, disqualification, renunciation, indexation, flirtation, complication, premeditation, privation, devaluation, miscalculation, misapplication, instigation, dedication, confiscation, fortification, consecration, disorganization, formulation, misidentification, fibrillation, illumination, dissertation, radiation, visualization, inflation, qualification, segmentation, conservation, dissemination, sequestration, relation, evocation, confrontation, miniaturization, arbitration, articulation, celebration, imputation, situation, permutation, facilitation, domestication, negation, ordination, malformation, excommunication, sophistication, sterilization, observation, procrastination, examination, privatization, depopulation, commendation, oration, derivation, nucleation, advocation, exhilaration, congratulation, coagulation, vindication, consultation, securitization, deregulation, normalization, reformation, coloration, dehumanization, electrification, procreation, exasperation, ornamentation, reiteration, consternation, fragmentation, designation, detonation, deviation, allegation, quantification, affectation, reorganization, insulation, characterization, perturbation, narration, irritation, reconfirmation, population, ejaculation, termination, dilatation, discontinuation, intimation, reclamation, standardization, miscommunication, vacation, gentrification, mutilation, salvation, annexation, fertilization, reinterpretation, transplantation, germination, indignation, marginalization, implication, repudiation, miseration, recommendation, hydration, glorification, conversation, indentation, argumentation, modernization, modification, approximation, protestation, detoxification, strangulation, continuation, coronation, invocation, cogitation, gyration, repatriation, operation, association, indication, stipulation, affrication, explanation, dramatization, deification, reunification, laceration, congregation, intimidation, urbanization, mechanization, navigation, exacerbation, automation, conglomeration, affiliation, hibernation, proclamation, graduation, restoration, miscreation, perpetuation, alteration, immigration, renovation, punctuation, recrimination, amputation, foliation, provocation, reinvigoration, misinformation, decertification, realization, subsidization, sedation, resuscitation, illustration, dissipation, emanation, denomination, depredation, classification, mutation, reaffiliation, menstruation, identification, duration, interrogation, balkanization, segregation, aviation, ramification, exploration, accumulation, publication, prognostication, hybridization, vocation, sedimentation, damnation, origination, compensation, appalachian, incantation, rectification, demodulation, configuration, ovation, infestation, exploitation, reclassification, reconciliation, rumination, civilization, meditation, elation, infiltration, personification, extermination, infatuation, rotation, reaffirmation, cremation, intensification, imitation, degradation, nonproliferation, disintegration, elaboration, allocation, condemnation, contemplation, prefabrication, collaboration, libration, depravation, gradation, adulation, exoneration, syndication, bifurcation, translation, implementation, preparation, indoctrination, habitation, remediation, education, optimization, migration, distillation, vaporization, simplification, globalization, decentralization, invitation, exhalation, valuation, reexamination, dehydration, naturalization, alleviation, predestination, implantation, localization, toleration, crustacean, confederation, avocation, glaciation, inhabitation, emancipation, industrialization, demoralization, insemination, revitalization, legislation, dislocation, democratization, recertification, colonization, dictation, specialization, preoccupation, decapitation, liquidation, transillumination, affirmation, improvisation, fascination, consolation, constellation, altercation, collectivization, transformation, degeneration, figuration, capitulation, quotation, inoculation, initiation, usurpation, adaptation, elongation, respiration, polarization, molestation, annihilation, christianization, remuneration, clarification, registration, intonation, pontification, differentiation, revaluation, agitation, constipation, corp, connotation, pigmentation, organisation, hydrogenation, incorporation, summation, exaggeration, denationalization, representation, concentration, disinflation, calculation, violation, falsification, fermentation, echolocation, inactivation, adjudication, declaration, recalculation, reservation, agglomeration, gastrulation, obfuscation, cultivation, impersonation, croatian, vacillation, perspiration, socialization, destination, desperation, consideration, reauthorization, discrimination, indemnification, excitation, authorization, replication, condensation, compilation, instrumentation, revocation, mobilization, reputation, eradication, generalization, dissociation, personalization, evaporation, dalmatian, impregnation, desiccation, expropriation, centralization, divination, expectation, documentation, inflammation, appreciation, incubation, ostentation, self-congratulation, nondiscrimination, reconfiguration, mediation, revelation, gratification, conciliation, intoxication, monopolization, ratification, incrimination, variation, desecration, fluoridation, culmination, popularization, recuperation, ventilation, incoordination, visitation, sanitation, backwardation, refrigeration, westernization, amelioration, taxation, denunciation, nullification, donation, pacification, flotation, reevaluation, ligation, victimization, triangulation, location, russification, authentication, fumigation, overpopulation, nitration, utilization, reconsideration, determination, installation, contamination, vibration, demobilization, irradiation, irrigation, immunization, disembarkation, isolation, conjugation, reforestation, reparation, recitation, purification, duplication, recantation, adoration, speculation, gravitation, tabulation, plantation, titillation, cancellation, disinformation, tribulation, exhumation, cooperation, presentation, rationalization, calibration, stalinization, incarceration, domination, manipulation, solicitation, horatian, orientation, resignation, palpitation, telecommunication, unification, ionization, maximization, fixation, ossification, subluxation, coordination, vaccination, obligation, amalgamation, saturation, starvation, expatriation, incarnation, hyperinflation, diversification, alienation, misappropriation, nationalization, estimation, foundation, maturation, magnetization, hesitation, creation, federation, preservation, trepidation, enumeration, rehabilitation, imagination, corporation, deforestation, equitation, computerization, decoration, exclamation, equivocation, consolidation, amortization, communization, stagnation, inauguration, assimilation, aspiration, specification, embarkation, vegetation, categorization, humiliation, rejuvenation, harmonization, ministration, concatenation, retardation, inundation, vulgarization, deprivation, appropriation, edification, excavation, notification, negotiation, misrepresentation, subordination, simulation, litigation, modulation, pollination, refutation, filtration, propagation, mineralization, participation, inhalation, importation, desegregation, exfoliation, regimentation, consummation, perforation, renegotiation, deceleration, delegation, temptation, stimulation, justification, organization, sanctification, augmentation, information, undervaluation, correlation, destabilization, lactation, proliferation, interpretation, evaluation, formation, demonization, machination, incapacitation, pressurization, pagination, pasteurization, unionization, equalization, desolation, vilification, appellation, frustration, gestation, experimentation, masturbation, defamation, expiration, emulation, inclination, confabulation, deformation, substantiation, decontamination, optation, criminalization;
  2. station, ration, haitian, nation;
  3. castration, cessation, causation, cetacean, citation, carnation, alsatian;
  4. aberration, abdication, abrogation, accusation, acclimation, activation;
  5. abomination, acceleration, abbreviation, accreditation, accommodation;
  6. cannibalization, capitalization, acidification, alphabetization;
  7. antidiscrimination, demilitarization, americanization, decriminalization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

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sự tưởng tượng.