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Correct spelling: Hamid


Hamid \ha-mid\

Hamid as a boy's name is pronounced ha-MEED. It is of Arabic origin, and the meaning of Hamid is "praiseworthy". In Islam, one the ninety-nine attribute names of Allah.
Related names:
Hammet, Hammad.

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Examples of usage for Hamid:

  1. In the afternoon we went to see where Abdul Hamid was imprisoned. "My Diary in Serbia: April 1, 1915-Nov. 1, 1915" , Monica M. Stanley.
  2. I learned beyond all doubt that the Sultan Abdul Hamid was nothing but a figurehead, that the Grand Vizier, bought by Russian and French gold, was running the government in a way that was antagonistic to German influences and that the swarms of demi- mondaines in French and Russian pay were corrupting the higher Turkish officials to their cause. "The Secrets of the German War Office" , Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves.
  3. For ten years Lohengrin appeared as the temporal providence, the protector of Abdul Hamid. "German Problems and Personalities" , Charles Sarolea.

Rhymes for Hamid:

  1. accede, agreed, concede, decreed, degreed, elide, exceed, gilead.
  2. aristide, disagreed, guaranteed, intercede, overfeed.
  3. bead, bede, bleed, brede, breed, cede, creed, dede, deed, ede, fede, feed, freed, fried, friede, greed, he'd, heed, impede, indeed, keyed, knead, kneed, lead, leed, lipide, mead, meade, misdeed, mislead, misread, nead, need, plead, precede, proceed, rasheed, rashid, read, recede, reed, reid, reread, reseed, saeed, screed, secede, seed, shaheed, she'd, skied, snead, sneed, speed, stampede, steed, succeed, supersede, swede, teed, tweed, waleed, walid, we'd, weed, wied.
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